Nvidia Lied To Its Customers - Arkham Knight PC Port Done By 12 People

TheArabGamer writes: "Batman PC port has received a lot of criticism for its poor optimization and 60 FPS lock which contradicts the video released by Nvidia a few weeks back. Rocksteady has also stated that it's Batman Arkham Knight PC port was outsourced and done by 12 people."

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nX1034d ago

Damn that sounds bad all around, PC gamers have it pretty tough these days.

RashBandicoot1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

You have no idea. I was very stoked when Nvidia showed its Batman Arkham features only to realize it was all a lie. Worse yet I'm not even willing to get the PS4 version, this whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth...

zeal0us1034d ago

I think we can all agree that Batman:AK is gunning for the Assassin Creed Unity award.

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ELE_Victim1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Ah, Hydrolex, part of the entitled generation and cancer of the gaming hobby.

JamesBroski1034d ago

The cancer of PC gaming are shitty ports like this one. They deserve to be pirated. No one should support lazy ports like this one. I understand a lot of you pre-ordered it and cannot do anything about it, but for the rest, not a single penny should go to them. As soon as they release a patch that will make the work run like it was meant to be on PC everyone should go and actually buy it. That's how you voice your disagreement.

bouzebbal1034d ago

let me get this straight: between this and fanboys bitching about PC footage being shown at Sony's 2014 e3 conference because NO WAY a PS4 can look that good.
There you have it fellas! It was PS4 footage.

starchild1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I entered this comment section expecting to see a lot of console fanboys using this crappy port as an excuse to bash PC gaming and I wasn't disappointed. Great job, guys, you never let me down.

When the PC gets a bad port the fanboy chatter is all about how terrible PC gaming supposedly is, but when consoles get a bad port then it's all the devs fault and is quickly forgotten.

The vast majority of games run just fine on my PC. The few that don't usually still run better on my PC than they would on my console. For example, AC Unity apparently runs fairly badly on consoles and a lot of PC gamers had complaints too, but I run that game at about 45 to 65 fps on a G-Sync monitor and the experience is much better than I could get on my console, both in terms of graphics and performance. I'm just saying, we need to put these things into proper perspective.

Ezz20131034d ago

I swear to god
If any one try to defend this port

I will punch someone.

USMC_POLICE1034d ago

Agreed I upgraded to a 970 for this and witcher 3, I have all the other batmans on pc but after seeing what's going on I think I'll get it on my ps4.

ShinMaster1034d ago

If you do have a PS4 you shouldn't pass on it. The game is still brilliant runs rock solid on it.

d3nworth11034d ago

@ starchild So exactly what is the minimum number of fanboys required to be alot? Cuz I didn't see anyone bash PC.

T9001034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Lol Sony gamers trying to show the PC getting all the bad ports.

If you look at it there are more bad ports on consoles vs than on PC and even then when PC does have a bad port it still runs better than the consoles.

Claiming "the PS4 version runs great" sure it might be console standard which means not dipping down in to the teens as most games do on console. Again even in their poor state most PC ports run way better than the console versions.


Starchild is right. Please care to scroll down read all console gamer comments.

Ka7be1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Nvidia is very malicious company. their bad business practices and ugly monopoly are really hurting the industry. PC gamers need to buy AMD videos card and show Nvidia the finger!

bixxel1034d ago

Any company that makes PC port with NViDIA's help makes it into the list of top ten worst ports.

T9001034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )


AMD is a console sell out, as a pc gamer thats the last company i would touch lol.

If anything Its AMD thats the reason for the entire industry slow down. The sooner they go under the better for the industry.

Braid1033d ago

Bane didn't break the Bat. PC port however, successfully did.

Septic1033d ago

Twelve people??!! Lmao what on earth is that about?!!

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badz1491034d ago

Seriously, what ever happened to "all games are made on pc" thing? Are they not? This is an honest question because it seems like the PS4 version is running great.

So the PS4 was the lead platform where they developed the game on to begin with and then port it to pc? Is that how this works? I just can't get my head around this just yet.

At least with Bethesda's game, all version are buggy at launch because they developed it on pc and if the original pc code is buggy, all the other ports will be buggy too, most likely, right?

Immorals1034d ago

Battlefront has ps4 as lead platform too.

I do not like this approach. Its trouble.

kneon1034d ago

It's not trouble for PS4 gamers as the lead platform will almost always be the least buggy.

CernaML1034d ago

When they say that games are "made on PC" they actually mean all the assets (graphics, sounds, animation, etc). The actual game code is written for the platform they intend to release it on.
If its a Playstation exclusive, all source code will be meant to execute on a Playstation, not a PC.
In this case, the lead code was for PS4/X1 first and then ported to run on PC.

Haru1034d ago

because PS4MasterRace

thekhurg1034d ago

This stopped being the normal practice for most developers when console profitability for developers/publishers overtook PC.

As much as gamers don't want to admit, these guys make games for a living, not out of the kindness of their hearts. They need stuff to sell well and review well. They need to appeal to a larger market, and right now, that's PS4.

It's a pendulum though, so it's going to change from generation to generation.

badz1491034d ago

PS4MasterRace? I do hope Sony doesn't have anything to do with this. It's bad enough already that nVidia is basically paying devs to cripple AMD card performance by making them use their exclusive tools.

But the way I'm seeing it is, WB is expecting low profit margin on PC so they minimize the spending of porting it.

Kleptic1034d ago


Every game is developed on a 'computer' of some sort, and neither the PS4 or Xbox One run the kind of programs needed for actual development of the game...

but developing a game on a 'computer' in no way means its automatically good to go for 'PC', either...In a lot of cases (depending on what type of middleware they're working with) development can be done on a different OS than windows to begin with...

The devs then have console dev kits they can use to test various phases of the development, and output a lot of parameters and feedback on what needs to be improved...which is then done on a computer again...

The consoles have a whole series of API suites to use for development, and many of those things don't translate directly to a DX11 or earlier PC a PC version needs to be ported out of that console code...DX12 is supposed to help with that...and if mantle is anything to go by, it'll help a lot...

s45gr321034d ago

No what happened was the game was made on PC with the PS4 as the lead platform. Meaning, using Sony's dev kit that gets plug into the PC then ported over to console. What Rocksteady did was shady as hell, by outsourcing Batman Arkham Knight to Iron Galaxy studios (an upcoming indie studio made of 12 people) for the PC version. As for the Witcher 3, that was plain nitpicking for the game looked as close as possible to the 2013 game trailer, plus the 2013 game trailer visual fidelity was achieved within 3 days due to mods. ..

Skizelli1034d ago


An upcoming indie studio? Iron Galaxy has been around since 2008 and have something like 25 games/ports (mostly ports) under their belt. They're kind of like a modern day Acclaim.

1034d ago
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Genova841034d ago

I wonder if this is why this game and MKX were showing up on g2a and cdkeys for more than half off ...

DevilOgreFish1034d ago

I haven't picked it up yet. I guess I'll just wait for the big discounts to arrive.

fermcr1034d ago

The funny thing is that they just increased the price of the game at Steam. It was 50€... now it's 55€.

WB Studios just become the worst company in the world.

Ezz20131034d ago

Lol, i just saw it too

UltraNova1034d ago

Well it costed 50 because they had 12 people working on the PC port, now that Rocksteady is involved in fixing, sorry, developing the rest of the PC port they need more salary money.

Hope that helps, cheers.

willsk1034d ago

One bad port doesn't mean that PC gamers have it bad at all. In fact we are spoiled with choice. Thanks for the concern though.

GameForever1034d ago

Works fine on my system, except when the Nvidia GameWorks stuff is turned on, game crashed randomly. I have a GTX 970.

NVidia GameWorks are resource hogs and they really don't enhance games that much, at least not for all the problems that many have when running them.

Ezz20131034d ago

You are Nvidia user
That's why you don't have a problem
but you are one of the few BTW

AMD on the other hand had to suffer

I wish they just make two different versions of the game
One for AMD users with no physx or gamework
and one for Nvidia users

sander97021034d ago

It's not so bad if you've got a PS4/Xbox one as a backup like I do but the people who play on PC that can't afford to buy a good graphics card, PS4 or Xbox one are the ones that have it really rough.

subtenko1034d ago

Well u know how it goes.. "PC Master Race..."

I game on PS4 and PC. No way am I missing out on PlayStation!

OneAboveAll1034d ago

But PC master race... lol yea right.

Rimfro1033d ago

Meh. It's not that bad. Most titles I play, I'm playing at 1440p/144fps. Some multiplats are like this, unfortunately, but this is usually not an issue. But when you look at all of the ground-breaking gaming experiences, and the way pc games are showcasing new sides to gaming, and telling new stories not ever confronted by games, I'll live. I've always felt like the Batman games have been a bit overrated lately.

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crazychris41241034d ago

Ill grab the GOTY edition next year when it drops below $30. Dont mind waiting cuz I finally got around to playing Arkham City now.

RashBandicoot1034d ago

It's funny how all the Arkham games had great PC ports and then this happens. I hope Fallout 4 doesn't end up like this.

DemonChicken1034d ago

It's bethedsa, expect bugs

With consideration of their track record

frostypants1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

@TheArabGamer, you hope a Bethesda RPG doesn't end up buggy because of this? LOL. Dude, Bethesda RPGs have always been the buggiest messes this side of a DICE Battlefield release, even since the days that PC was their ONLY platform. If Fallout 4 is buggy as hell, it won't be because of this. It will be because Bethesda is Bethesda. Hell, it could only get BETTER by trying a different lead platform. Maybe they'll get one of them to be stable on release day for a change.

Doodleburger1034d ago

Arkham city was a terrible, delayed, broken port, and was done in house by rocksteady. Which is why i didn't buy this one. I don't think rocksteady would've done any better, and the fact that they decided to toss the pc version off and focus on consoles is just another big middle finger to their pc customer base.

raiden111034d ago

I agree. all three batman arkham games has been running great on pc steam games.

Batman Arham City runs great on pc.
Im using 8320 amd,8gb ram, and GTX760 WIN 8.1


min fps:26/ max fps:60/ average fps:49fps

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ELE_Victim1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

That's the right way to handle game releases these days. Waiting 6 months and getting the complete efition for half price with all the bugs fixed.

Castle3331034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

It's like they are begging us NOT to pre order. Like we need it anymore reasons not to.

Omnisonne1034d ago

Someone cracked the code :D

KontryBoy7061034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

.... most of us bought the game on PC for $35 INCLUDING the season pass... where you been?

Peace_Love_and_FPS1034d ago

Saving my money for a game that will work that's where

OhMyGandhi1034d ago

I don't get it. Did they even test the game? Do they have testers? or is there just a single quadriplegic chimpanzee sitting in front of an old tv in a small, stuffy room with no A/C that does "his best"?

Skate-AK1034d ago

Releasing a broken game is cheaper than delaying one.

SteamPowered1034d ago

Hey, we survived the GTA V delays...

SilentNegotiator1034d ago

That's the best summary I've read of the industry's problem with releasing buggy games.

Seafort1034d ago

Is it? The amount of flak from customers and gaming media will surely hurt their bottom line.

Many PC gamers are getting a refund on steam due to the shoddy port.

I don't think releasing a broken game is worth it at all.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." - Shigeru Miyamoto

badz1491034d ago


Is that a Gintama reference or am I just thinking too much?

OhMyGandhi1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I was not aware of such a reference.
But that is hilarious, nonetheless.
edit: just looked it up. Would you recommend that I watch the show?

kaizokuspy1034d ago

@rusted man I recommend it as it has a lot of episodes. Not so much a story driven show, but a fun watch nonetheless

uth111034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

And by 12 people, they mean 'unpaid interns'. Psychology majors with "Learn C++ in 24 hours" books on their desks. (in case you thought the news can't get worse :P )

Grap1034d ago

C++ for dummies**
Hell even illiterate people would know something is wrong with this game.

Live_Larry1034d ago

Ya... I'm sure they put Psych majors with no CS knowledge or experience in charge of porting over a million lines of high level code without any directions or supervision... /s

Such an easy task... /s

NiteX1034d ago

Reminds me of that whole Gearbox snaffle with Colonial Marines.

Mikefizzled1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Nothing like it. Warner Bros have constantly cut corners regarding PC ports of their games. Look at MK X. Gearbox just flatout misrepresented their product and reportedly embezzled money from Sega. If you want a fairer comparison looks at Other Ocean and Street Fighter IV. They either didn't get enough budget, time or just aren't technically skilled enough to do a perfect port.