We used FaceApp to cheer up gaming's greatest grumps

Another week, another face changing app, this time called... FaceApp. ('Great meeting everyone. Lunch?') Its main skills are making you look old, changing your gender and, most importantly, adding smiles where there were no smiles before. So what better use of a slow news day than to use that last one to cheer up some of gaming's most famous misery guts.

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NewMonday580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Kratos looks even creepier

and Batman looks like a supervillain


Why o why580d ago

Happy after the slaughter

579d ago
Lynx0207580d ago

But for Wesker, Heihachi and Snake - that kind of a smile suits them.

S2Killinit580d ago

Thats what i was thinking. Kratos looks even scarier when smiling.

FITgamer580d ago

Yep Kratos looks sinister AF with that smile.

579d ago
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SaveFerris580d ago

Does the FaceApp improve Sarah Ryder's face?

TheCommentator580d ago

A five year old could improve it, TBH.

580d ago
579d ago
Darkfist_Flames580d ago

This is the face you will see when his son finally kill a god xD.

Silly gameAr580d ago

There are just some people that should never smile. Ever.


Batman and Geralt look crepy as hell!

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The story is too old to be commented.