New Batman Pre-Orders PS4 vs Xbox One Are 4 to 1; Titanfall Helped Sell a Million Xbox Ones –Insider

Looks like the Batman fans are leaning more towards the PS4 version of the new Batman: Arkham Knight than towards the Xbox One version, as mentioned today by insider Pete "FamousMortimer" Dodd, that has a very good track record with the information provided by his sources. On the other hand, Titanfall seems to be definitely helping the sales of the Xbox One.

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AceBlazer131589d ago

Game doing better on ps4. No surprise .

GTgamer1589d ago

Damn PS4 is really the majority for Next Gen.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1589d ago

and this is just the USA I'm sure

Farmassy1589d ago Show
Blacksand11589d ago

I would go for the dark night console to if I was Batman.

thereapersson1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Farmassy, those sound like some bitter words you have there. The posters above were just stating facts - PS4 has a higher sales and attach rate already this early in the gen, therefore it's no surprise to hear this news. Infamous: Second Son comes out soon too, so there's no short supply of PS4 games on the horizon.

Get over it, son.

GTgamer1589d ago

Is that why they are 6 million and Counting PS4's sold :/.

millerj27401589d ago


I have more games than I actually have time for on my ps4. I don't know what ms provided rock you live under, but there's also at least a half dozen exclusives coming out that I'm excited for. You on the other hand, are justifying your $500 universal remote with a single game. If I have to wait a little longer than you, so be it. Have fun playing the same game for the next 9 months. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'll be fun, but if that's all I had to look forward to I'd be mad too. And maybe the pre-order numbers are higher for ps4 because it has a larger install base. Both consoles have great looking games on the way, the difference is I'm excited about more than just a single release.

Eonjay1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Every game is selling better on the PS4. Check out Amazon. The thing I tried to explain a while ago was that its Multiplatforms that win the console war because they outnumber exclusive 10 to 1. Even if Titanfall sells a lot (and it will), PS4 still wins if everyone goes to it for their multiplatform needs. '

Edit: Thats why the power perception and price point are so important.

curtis921589d ago

@farmassy, batman games have typically sold better on playstation anyway. Given the ps4's install base it makes sense.

AngelicIceDiamond1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

This is great news. Batman movies are made by Sony. So its only logical to play Batman on PS4 lol.

With that being said, I guess we're gonna ignore Titanfall's supposed good news?

For months now people here were saying "Titanfall's not a system seller."

People were saying "consumers will never buy a console for 1 game for that price."

So now that it potentially is, we're just gonna ignore what every fanboy was saying here?

Fanboy keyboard warriors were wrong. And they were dreadfully, laughably wrong at that.

Sad, very sad. If true then congrats to Respawn and MS the game should be loads of fun.

Kingthrash3601589d ago

as a reply angel...we are happy for tf awsome that they saw a boost in sales when a major annoucment was made...but what does it mean when they say the tf bundle didnt sell as well as projected? why not buy th x1 with tf free bundle if its a system seller?
im not downing tf at all but when the play with word lik this to hype the game, not to mention not a single word or screen shot for the 360 its weird ya know. tf is looking to be a forced system sellr because of the free bundle...what sad is thats isnt selling as projected.

Kribwalker1589d ago

@thereaaperson the attach rate on Xbox one is greater then the attach rate on ps4. Been confirmed by multiple news outlets. 2.6-2.1
And when a game was announce like 4 days ago, the preorder numbers don't even matter yet. It could be preordered 1000-250. That means nothing right now.
These insiders just want their name in the news by making crap up

GTgamer1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

So your gonna judge the attach rate of a Console that sold 6 millions+ against a console that sold 3million+ you do know that's not logical right-_- clearly your overlooking that margin of error.

USMC431589d ago


Do your damn research. Batman films are NOT made/distributed by SONY. AT ALL.

They are produced by Legendary, distributed by Warner Bros.

geddesmond1588d ago


Lol no games. You don't know anything about the PS4. Oh but wait after Titanfall how many games has the X1 got releasing this year lol exactly.

Kribwalker1588d ago

I'm not the one that stated the PS4 attach rate was better then the xbox one attach rate, I was just proving him wrong on that. It's a proven fact through the last generation and this one that Xbox gamers tend to buy more games per console then playstation gamers. And the attach rate is just that, it's the amount of games sold per console. There is not illogical to what I'm stating. Wikipedia that if you'd like, it will explain that it doesn't matter how many consoles were sold, but how many games per console. We compare the Wii to PS3 to Xbox 360 numbers. The wii sold way more consoles. Their attach rate is also terrible. That came down to too much shovelware and crap games. Look at japan, without the pack in Knack, the ps4 attach rate is barely under 1. That isn't even figured into the attach rate that I posted. You can disagree all you want, but facts are facts. And the facts are that Xbox owners buy more games for their consoles. There may be less consoles sold, so software totals are less, but the averages are higher

Shane Kim1588d ago

Kirb you cant talk about attach rates in Japan allready. It got released 2 weeks ago, come on. In that case, I can bring up Xone attach rate in Japan wich is non existant.

In all other territories, PS4 has better attach rates and better overall sales. However, as I have stated before, I'm in this for the games, I frankly dont give a damn about who sells what.

White-Knight1588d ago

PS4 has like almost double console sold, it's only natural.

Xsilver1588d ago

"And the facts are that Xbox owners buy more games for their consoles."

IS that why all Multiplaform games are selling better on PS4 :/ and at least PSOwners are buying their Console, SO take that so called thing you call a Fact and put it in Corner and don't Bring Up Japan PS4 just released their.

Xsilver1588d ago

"And the facts are that Xbox owners buy more games for their consoles."

IS that why all Multiplaform games are selling better on PS4 :/ and at least PSOwners are buying their Console, SO take that so called thing you call a Fact and put it in Corner and don't Bring Up Japan PS4 just released their.

mewhy321588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Wow. This isn't really a surprise. I talked with a gamestop employee Saturday and he informed me that the PS4 as outselling the xbone 4:1. He told me that they didn't have any PS4's in stock and didn't expect any until April. He also told me that he had tons of xbone's in stock. The PS4 is selling out as soon as retailers get stock and the xbone is just setting on shelves. Apparently people are beginning to realize that paying 100.00 more for a less capable machine isn't very smart.

Derajcan21588d ago

honestly though, this is ps4's first big game coming to the system, so of course ps4 guys are excited for batman, as are xbox one guys, but at the moment titanfall is our biggest game, while batman is just our secondary game...

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nicksetzer11589d ago

The game is literally an unknown at this point ... only an idiot would preorder a game with 0 information .... guess those stats do make sense then.

ThePope1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Ha so funny.

Plus it's a game with no release date, and somehow people think pre order numbers matter!

curtis921589d ago

it's a pretty safe bet given the critical acclaim of the past Rocksteady Batman games. It's not like it's some shot in the dark.

saint_seya1589d ago

Nick so you got more than one preorder on the game alredy?

I really hope this new batman game is good, i got the other ones on pc and they were really fun, and decent graphics.

DanielGearSolid1589d ago


You really think NONE of the previous games in a series are a valid refrerence point to a sequel?

Eonjay1589d ago

Its about Batman fighting crime in Gotham and riding his Batmobile. There now go preorder it.

Unspoken1589d ago

Not only that, we don't even have the actual numbers of pre-orders. For all we know it could be 100:25, 40:10, or [email protected] 4:1.

Knee jerk fanboys, here we go again.

KwietStorm1589d ago

I have every game in the series. Rocksteady, specifically, can be trusted with the Batman franchise. Pre-ordering is not an iron clad contract. It actually costs nothing on Amazon. So if that makes me an idiot for knowing what I want, then what does that make you?

Kavorklestein1588d ago

I guess that's proof that sony guys buy and commit to video games, consoles, before they really know the whole story of , well anything. They throw money at stuff that looks cool then bash other's for having their own opinions of what looks cool.... Even tho THEY have a track record of being swayed by hype much harder and more often than xbox fans, and often their loyalty looks more unsubstantiated than anyone else's... No wonder they think Titanfall will fail, no wonder they are Assuming that the Order:1886 will dominate everything. I have a brother who worked at gamestop when ps2 and 3 came out, and he said preorders are typically higher for playstations... so for as long as gamestop has existed, more sony fans pre-order more copies of ______________ what ever it may be, in the first place, and this atricle is supposed to be news?

millerj27401588d ago

@ Kavork

Your entire comment it's backwards. PlayStation has always had more preorders because people know exactly what to expect from Sony. Ps2 had a better library of games than xbox and ps3 had a larger and better OVERALL library than the 360, with more variety. The Kinect and the cloud are both "cool" concepts that you bought into, but what are they doing for you now? Let's also look at the console support over the last 3-4 years... Sony has supported the ps3 all the way through its lifecycle, but where was Microsoft?

Of course Sony it's a moneymaking business just as much as Microsoft, but respect and loyalty go both ways... stronger hardware, lower cost, optional peripherals, and better online subscription value... I'd say my decision was more than substantiated. Can you really say the same AT THIS POINT IN TIME? Honestly?

jollygoodchap81588d ago

Oh please.

"but but but track record" didn't matter for Order 1886...You guys praised it to high heaven over a trailer and some screenshots.

Finally has some gameplay footage now...but still that was dumb as hell.

Kidmyst1588d ago

Pre-ordering a game doesn't mean you have to buy. I put in pre-orders to help track and remember what games are on my watch list. I lose track sometimes with all the games coming out when and on what system so checking my Amazon orders helps me keep track. Plus prioritize if multiple titles come out around the same time, which to cancel and buy later.

Kavorklestein1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

dude, I didn't buy into the cloud, I just saw it as an option, whether or not it pans out, time will tell. I like the MS exclusives, Plain and simple. You are silly tho, ps1, 2, and 3, were all over-priced.
You can feel good about having a cheaper and more powerful system for the first time in four console releases, don't act like you've had it all along. MS fans are finally getting value shafted by a small margin, and you act like we should be upset. MS fans have a better system in the 360 even when there weren't many exclusives during 2010/2012 You guys weren't really even bragging about your consoles UNTIL The last of Us Came out. WOW.. so glad you FINALLY got a good exclusive after the console's lifespan is basically over... Now you guys feel like it was all worth it don't you? And on Multiplats, even still, no matter how minuscule the graphiccal benefit, 360 almost always wins, even tho you guys claim the 360 is less powerful.. Lowest common denominator my ass.. You so keep saying you know what to expect, but how is that true when you haven't even been paying attention to inferior graphics for three console lifespans.
NOW you guys get to be all proud and think highly of yourselves for the first time in ever? HA. Be glad MS fumbled their console, so you guys can finally know what it feels like to have the best console.

PS3 has it's perks, 360 has it's perks, PS4 has it's perks, and Xb1 has it's perks, and just because more ps4's have sold, doesn't really mean anybody is struggling, (well, besides nintendo)

Just stop think pre-orders mean anything... SALES do... but not PRE- Sales.
And sales, don't really mean anything in the long run, because look at Nintendo who wiped the floor in sales with the Wii. Just to flop with the Wii U. Sony HAD to be the best this time around, or else, by now, they probably would have gone bankrupt.

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SG1_dapunisherX1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

batman is more popular on sony then on the xbox... plus right now xbox fans are thinking about tf more then batman

avengers19781589d ago

I'm laughing at the million XB1's sold... I mean it's not impossible but until there are some numbers, no one can say what it's helped the XB1 sell

mkis0071589d ago

The quote is referencing the estimated total of the 3 million+ xbox 1 consoles sold because of titanfall...therefore remove titanfall from xbox one next gen exclusivity and they would say a million less xbox ones would have been sold up to this point (2 million +)

ITPython1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

The 4:1 ratio for Batman preorders makes sense, although how they came up with the "Titanfall helped sell 1 million XB1's" is stretching the imagination a bit. As they literally just counted sales after major TF announcements and assumed those sales were due to that game specifically.

And I quote:

"This is based off of things like upticks in sales after every major Titanfall announcements."

Which obviously is extremely weak data. Now if they counted XB1 sales that included a TF pre-order in the same order, or TF bundles, then yeah that would be solid data. But the method they chose, well... that is pretty much the definition of reaching for straws.

Using that same method Sony could probably say that Infamous SS helped sell 4 million PS4's. And while that is probably true, it isn't a good way to go about it.

ramiuk11588d ago

The ps4 looks like something from the batmans kit too

FanboyKilla1588d ago

lmfao maybe xone owners are busy buying titanfall, instead of preordering a game with no release date. lmfao someone doesn't have anything to play ha? does batman have more preorders than infamous? that would be hilarious. multiplat better than the exclusives eh? i guess the grass isnt greener.

ajkula1588d ago

Have some decency, do what your nickname says and be merciful to yourself!
Batman is gonna be awesome 80% sure,,,

Retroman1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

dose it REALLY matter what system its on??? they both good.
none of these companies paying anyone for better sales.

illuminati mind control at its best in video games.
why not use the Frog from Futurama (looking in the frog eyes) buy BATMAN, buy BATMAN, buy BATMAN

make your own choice what to buy.
dont be Brainwashed.

system221588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

you have to realize something. yes the ps4 is selling more. but... xb1 people are buying titanfall. there aren't any must have on the ps4 right now. believe me I have both systems. this will be the first or second must have title for ps4 so naturally tons of people are going to buy it - even if its from the lack of anything else.

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Dudebro901589d ago

More insider junk? Doesnt anyone find it weird that suddenly all these insiders are just reporting information every day?

They make educated guesses, that's it. Stop listening to these clowns.

Ninver1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

U mad tho?

DigitalRaptor1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

You think it's their fault they get quoted by obsessive news outlets every day?

These people are allowed to have conversations on NeoGaf and Twitter without being judged or worried that their conversation will be quoted in or out of context.

ajkula1588d ago

I kinda agree since forums like neogaf shits probably gets devs sweating to do more than they could, since nowadays their mouthful craps make NEWS on supposedly "journalists sites",,,
Since when journalists repport crappy mass shitalks as NEWS???
What a scary brainwash age...

Akuma071588d ago

Guys like you must be pretty angry when these insiders information is correct.

I don't understand why people think these insiders are fakes. I mean, do we REALLY think that the entire gaming industry is one big locked vault with NO ONE leaking anything?

If the NSA can't keep their shit under wraps, then I highly doubt a gaming company can.

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Ninver1589d ago

Get used to it folks, it's gonna be like this for pretty much the whole gen.

ajkula1588d ago

Exactly!! Quality matters when customers look for products,,,

Pinkdolphinyfg1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

A million xbox ones?!?!?? Thought Titanfall wasn't a system seller because it was on pc and 360 LOL.

EDIT: Haha disagrees YOU MAD? Proven wrong.

1589d ago Replies(3)
classic191589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

lol they mean TF help sell a mill x1's sense the x1 launched in ppl saw gameplay of it. they are not saying that TF help sell a million x1's in the month of march...... yup. beside i think the infamous SS package deal is selling more, ms last uptake was i believe 2 months ago in it was 3.9 million, so 1 mill in 2 months not bad at all..

Ju1589d ago

The typical MS number games...wait a little and it'll become common sense 1008p doesn't matter - we are already on that route. Numbers, numbers, obscuring the context and there we go. MS marketing at it's finest.

Majin-vegeta1589d ago

Last we heard x1 was at 3.something million and PS4 was at 6 Mil.

I doubt the X1 has sold a million usually when a company hits a milestone they announce it.But like i said belowe we'll know the truth come NPD.

BitbyDeath1589d ago

True but it is likely also counting preorders which we won't know about til March NPD arrives.

Unspoken1589d ago

Last you heard? It was 3.9 million on January's third week. PS4 passed 6 million less than a week ago.

2 mil difference and over a month is unaccountable for the Xbox. Looks like they are much closer than perceived.

kingdom181589d ago

And yet, the infamous SS bundle is still ahead of Titanfall and the Titanfall bundle. So the question we should be asking now is how many PS4s are going to be sold.

HappyWithOneBubble1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

EA got to be feeling stupid for not putting Titanfall on PS4 now.

mkis0071589d ago

if you read the article...the million xbox ones is from announce until now...not 1 million have been bought this month... (technically possible but that isnt what the quote is getting at)

All they are doing is saying that their total xbox consoles sold is 1 million higher today due to having titanfall.

So instead of 3 million plus it would be 2 million plus without titanfall.(read the article)

aerisbueller1589d ago

I guess that going by xbox fan pronouncements that ps4 has no games, ps4 is still outselling xbox 2 to 1 without system sellers, unless you count octodad and resogun, which admittedly look and play better than titanfall.

BX811588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

That is a good point. Xb1 isn't in as many countries. If they sold in the same countries the gap might be closer. Also its not like there are no ps4's sitting on shelfs. Not nearly as many xb1's but you can still find them on shelfs and ebay and craigs list. I stated b4 they had some in my brother in laws gamestop in ky sitting on the shelf and I got some disagrees. I got my ps4 killzone bundle on the 26th of feb and guess where it shipped from? A gamestop in ky. Lol. I'm not saying the xb1 would be in the lead for sales just slightly closer. They shot them selves in the foot at e3 so that helped sony as well. The next two years we will see more of a balance I think.

Mac4201588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Highly doubt it, way the Ps4 is selling now an people that want to step into next gen already are actually waiting to get a Ps4 or have already pre-ordered one an are waiting on a list. An it seems in most "Urban areas" the Ps4 is no where to be found an One's are just sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Out of all the Gamestops in my area, Two of them actually have Ps4's in stock an both clerks stated there only a few, An most said One's are in stock, even a couple of Day One editions floating around in Tampa,FL.

I say this because out of all the big midnight launches this past gen, Majority of the lines I stood with fellow 360 owners waiting for our new game. I live 5 minutes from USF, majority of the Gamestops in this area, biggest consumer is college kids.

Just don't get how anybody can still justify $500 for that. I will never pick a side I will just buy a Ps4 first, a buy a One, Once MS realizes millions of others including myself have no interest in a Kinect bundled with our console.

Just another broken promise to get you to buy into it, Blah Blah Blah we heard so much hype about the Kinect. The biggest One game this year, Titanfall doesn't use it in any way. Respawn even stated they had no use for it, thought about good/fun ways to implement it an found none.

Realize companies are all out to make money, that's the point of a business that is a given. Just don't get how you can stand beside a company that is like the modern day Hitler of the Game Industry. They tell you what you want, what you like, an how much its going to cost. Most consumers need to be spoon feed, guess that's why MS is still around.

BX811588d ago

@ Mac
I hear ya. I live in Palm Bay fl and they would get 3 or 4 in at a time and be sold out. I don't think the xb1 would catch up but the gap could've been smaller. I also agree a kinect less bundle would help. Not everyone wants kinect and even though I have no complaints about mine I completely understand. If you're not going to use it and you know that already why pay for one. I don't see it till e3 if this year at all.

BigErn1588d ago

Why would anyone be mad? Competition is great for gaming. I'm not mad. Are you?

Akuma071588d ago

Considering the PS4 is selling 3:1 against the XB1 right now......

People never said that TF wouldn't be a system seller. People said that TF would not be enough for the XB1 to catch up to the PS4.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1589d ago

That means Titanfall should sell a million copies on XB1 alone.