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"A clean shot to the head," drones the villain known as Arkham Knight. "That's all it will take." At every opportunity, the Knight speaks of the horrific deeds he might perform, doing his best to drive fear into Batman's heart throughout the open-world adventure game that features his name. Scarecrow similarly trades on Batman's doubts, attempting to convince the troubled hero of his own impotence at every turn. "All eyes, all hopes upon a man who fails his friends," calls out Scarecrow through Gotham's public networks, reminding Bruce Wayne that he, too, bears responsibility for the losses his loved ones endure.

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NukaCola1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Gamespot draw the straw again to be "those guys"

ShugaCane1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Those guys who give the game a 7 so that they are neither bashing it, or rating it like the others. Because difference draws attention but too much difference draws criticism. SUBTLE !

But that's one 'opinion' among others. So far the game is receiving tons of 9s and 10s so it's GOOD, appearently. Can't wait to play it to judge it by myself !

Ezz20131271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It's their opinion of course
but they love to be different from the others..They think that make them too edgy
They did that with alot of games

they become Polygon 2.0 to me

NukaCola1271d ago

It seems that Gamespot has become in more recent times the ones who look for all the negatives in bigger AAA titles and they have been going against the flow of consistency to be the ones who do the controversial reviews.

Still not as bad as GameKult though. Maybe not for this review, but for a history of piss poor reviews.

Palitera1271d ago

It is obvious clickbait as usual from Gamespot reviews, but then... Look at the temperatures.

290° Gamespot 7
200° IGN 9.2
140° Polygon 10
100° VideoGamer 10
90° GamesRadar 8
70° GodisaGeek 10
60° Gamereactor 9
40° AusGamer 10
40° Gry 8.5

Every one clicking and commenting here, including me, is making it the hottest news on N4G, just to be representative of the attention they get and how successful is their clickbait. Thanks to us.

So think about this when you criticize it.

nX1271d ago

This might be one's opinion but Gamespot always was a bunch of entitled underwear journalists, I never took them seriously in anything.
Retrospectively, I'd probably disagree with almost every of their reviews because they criticize the most idiotic things, kinda like Polygon but in a different way.

ABizzel11271d ago

Gamestop has very few "gamers" and many of their writers are self proclaimed casual gamers.

WHen they use to have bios up after hiring a large group of people, more than half of them listed things like Fifa, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and mobile games as their favorite games (Kid you not).

You cannot have a casual gamer rate a core game, and expect to have matching viewpoints, which is exactly why I don't even visit Gamespot anymore, and they use to be one of my faves.

Crimzon1271d ago

I find this Kevin Vanord guy who did the review is usually spot-on with his criticisms for most games, so I'm not going to automatically dismiss his review just because the score is slightly lower than other sites.

IGN also raised a lot of the same concerns as this GameSpot review, and stated how the batmobile drags the game down a lot. The funny thing is that this is something I saw a lot of people concerned about when it was first revealed, and according the the reviews those worries were justified.

It's enough to make me hold off from buying the game for now at least, especially since the day 1 DLC had already soured me. I think this is going to end up being one of those games that people defend from low review scores before they've had a chance to play it, but then when everyone looks back on it in a few months time the general opinion will be, "Yeah, that game wasn't very good".

Sad state of affairs when reviewers get attacked for simply trying to help people make informed purchasing decisions. A lot of the comments here sound like angry RockSteady employees.

mikeslemonade1270d ago

I'm hoping this game scores higher because I have a bet against a friend that Arkam Night scores higher than MGS5.

Other than that, I have this game on Steam but I didn't have much fun in the previous 3 Batman games.

OB1Biker1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I know what you mean but its precisely one of the most useful things on N4G (rather than fanboy wars)
In other words gamers review the reviews quality and its just as good opinions as reviewers opinion and I dont understand when some complain that reviews are criticized since giving our opinion here (without any censorship from the said site) is precisely the point of this site.
The same thing goes for doubtful articles and I know Ill never take seriously Polygon for example knowing all the crap thats been posted on that site. So I think best to let everyone know with the hottest temperature and give these sites the publicity they deserve, good or bad.

Blacklash931269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )


"I think this is going to end up being one of those games that people defend from low review scores before they've had a chance to play it, but then when everyone looks back on it in a few months time the general opinion will be, 'Yeah, that game wasn't very good'."

Vanord's review sings praises for the several things he says the game does well, so I currently see no strong reason to think that people won't regard the game as good overall in the end, even if they end up mostly agreeing with his criticisms once the heat has died down.

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Neonridr1271d ago

it's just one person's opinion. Don't take it to heart. It can still be your favorite game if you want it to be.

averagejoe261271d ago

It's not though. Read the post above yours. This stuff is about getting clicks for ad revenue, not about providing accurate reviews.

WellyUK1271d ago

that's why youtube and twitch is the best way to find out about whether or not a game is good.

Dark111271d ago

Kevin Van Ord suck at reviewing non-RPGs games.

Meltic1271d ago

why even care about gamespot? they are nothing anymore. Before they was good but there isnt much people following them anymore. They are boring, the gaming news are Always late. IGN is the best

Magicite1271d ago

once again gamespot wants to stand out...

BiggerBoss1271d ago

Are they not allowed to have their opinion? Are you saying they HAVE to give the same score as everyone else or theyre not credible?

UnHoly_One1271d ago

Click Bait or no, they do complain about the one thing that has me the most worried about the game. The Batmobile.

I have been firmly in the camp that adding it was unnecessary since day one.

I still think that Arkham Asylum, where you were more closely confined for the entirety of the game, is still the best of the series.

I don't think this game will be bad by any means, and I fully intend to get it, but I'm not looking forward to the driving parts at all.

This might not be the best example, but if any of you have played Saints Row 4, how often did you drive a car in that game? The answer is probably almost never. Because it was more fun to move around on foot using your super powers. This game seems like it will be the same way.

Who knows, maybe I'll be wrong once I play it, but this review reads exactly like I expected.

Still looking forward to the game, don't bash me just because I have concerns. :)

joel_c171271d ago

I agree with everything you have just said!

showtimefolks1271d ago

I agree the first batman was the best batman gane. Just making it open world doesn't make it better.

Keep complaining everyone, it's not like GameSpot cam have their own opinions. And they ate the most visited gaming site on daily bases. #1 so they must be doing something right

Yiu were all fine when they handed a 10 to witcher anx 9 to bloodborne.

gninja921271d ago

why do they always contain spoilers in their reviews?

showtimefolks1271d ago

For all of you complaining, you were ok when they gave witcher 3 and blood borne great scores. So now they can not fork their own opinions of this game, but instead should be forced into giving it a 9

When did a 7 become so bad, when did a 8.5 become so bad? So I am guessing you will let a view score number decide whether to play a game or pass

Give it a break, you don't like their review thar fine. There are other sites that gave it 9 and above

Also all of you saying is just looking for clicks, well they are the most visited gaming site on daily bases in front of ign. They actually overtook ign a year or so ago

So this review isn't to get their site traffic up.

Just deal with it. Not everyone is gonna love your favorite games

ninsigma1271d ago

7 isn't even a bad score. People need to get over the fact that a game can be good even if it gets below an 8 or 9.

Number-Nine1270d ago

this is why bad reviews are golden. look at all the chatter it gets. people should learn to shrug it off and accept anothers opinion

OhMyGandhi1270d ago

I imagine Kevin VanOrd to be the guy who had to "Stay at the office" while the others went off to E3.
This is his revenge.

XanderZane1270d ago

Once again Gamespot has the lowest score of all the reviews so far. Is anyone even surprised by this? I'm not. It's typical of GS.

I'm sure most gamers will make their own judgement on the game after they've played it for themselves.

chuckyj11270d ago

I don't know sounds to me like they would have given it at least a 9 if Rock steady didn't shove the bat mobile down their throats... Otherwise it sounds like they loved the game.

Legitimate complaint I think... They despised the gameplay of the bat mobile...

CorndogBurglar1270d ago

I dont know. 7 isn't a bad score to begin with, but to say this is clickbait, like a lot of people are saying is a little harsh.

I mean, i'm not a Dark Souls fan at all. For me, the combat is very clunky, and when you have a game based so heavily around fighting enemies that is not a good thing. I would personally give Dark Souls around a 7. Yet a lot of people claim it to be a 9-10 game.

Does that mean i'm just trying to be different? No. It just doesn't appeal to me.

Its okay for people to have a different opinion. Throwing around the clickbait argument is idiotic, especially when gamespot have given other popular games fantastic scores.

For me, i've loved all 3 Batman games so far, so based on reading the reviews amd the concerns involved in this one, i can make an educated guess that this game will be somewhere between 9 and 10.

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hades071271d ago

Reading the review with very little complaints from the author this score seems a bit low. Reading the IGN review and their score correlates better than this one.

bunt-custardly1271d ago

Using the bat detective skills one could deduce the score was deliberately deflated for sensationalism.

thekhurg1271d ago

Reading their review left me with the impression that they really disliked the batmobile sections. Hence the 7/10 score. Everything else was great but too much of something they determined was poorly implemented dragged the score down.

Metallox1271d ago

Er, I don't think so. The guy really disliked the Batmobile, which is something I'm fearing as well.

d_g1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

like i said before months

Gamespot Meh....

the game receiving 9 and 10 score !

ServerBOT1271d ago

I gradually stop going to Gamespot when they changed the look of the site and it just seem uninteresting from then.

mathews71271d ago

i cant wait anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeee