Will XDefiant Have Theater Mode

Screenshot of a firefight in XDefiant

XDefiant is releasing soon, and players are wondering will the game have a Theater Mode when it launches. Considering that the game draws strong gameplay parallels with the Call of Duty franchise, the inclusion of Theater Mode would be a good thing, especially for the content creation part of the community.   

Is There a Theater Mode in XDefiant?

No, Theater Mode will not be included in XDefiant when it launches on May 21st. This is no surprise since it was not a feature present during the Beta and Server testing of the game. Although this is bad news for all who liked using this feature in games like Halo and Call of Duty, the change might be coming in the future. 

Back in 2023, XDefiant’s Executive Producer Mark Rubin mentioned that Theater Mode would require a lot of work, but that they might consider it. Hopefully, after the game lands and everything is running smoothly we will get this feature as well. Until then we can only enjoy XDefinat’s gameplay and hope.   

What is a Theater Mode?

Theatre Mode is a feature that allows players to record their games and edit in-game clips to create small videos. Using this feature, players can go through their saved games using any perspective on the map, similar to Spectator Mode. Additionally, videos can be fast-forward, rewind, or even slowed down, allowing for the creation of awesome screenshots.    

Usually, this mode offers an option to upload your clips to the game’s official website, or other sites like YouTube. However, this will require additional work and setting up, to link up their game with a YouTube account. Gaining most popularity by being featured in games like Halo and the Call of Duty series, Theater Mode is more of an occasional thing than a main feature in modern FPS titles. 


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