Will XDefiant be on Steam? Answered

Image of characters in XDefiant

The release of XDefiant is around the corner, but will the game be available on PC’s biggest gaming platform, Steam? Stick with us, and let’s find out if players will be able to enjoy the new game from Ubisoft on Valve’s client. 

Set in the Ubisoft universe, XDefiant combines factions and locations for various Ubisoft titles to bring us a new and exciting shooter experience. Picking a Defiant agent, players will engage in team-based multiplayer matches across a variety of game modes. Every agent in the game is part of a faction taken from Ubisoft games like Libertad for Far Cry or Cleaners for The Division.

Moreover, every faction in the game is unique and offers players different abilities, items, and playstyles. For example, Far Cry’s Libertad are the team healers, utilizing the powers of BioVida to buff and heal their allies. On the other hand, Echelon from Splinter Cell are masters of infiltration and intelligence gathering. 

Is XDefiant Going to be on Steam?

No, XDefiant will not be available on Steam when it launches on May 21st. This is sad news for all fans of this platform. It comes as no surprise considering that the game was a Ubisoft Connect exclusive from the start. Additionally, the open Beta and Server testing was also exclusively done on only Ubisoft’s platform. We were all hoping that this would change and that XDefiant would be released on other PC gaming platforms.    

Screenshot of different agents escorting a payload in XDefinant
Image via Sony

What PC Platforms is XDefiant Launching on?

XDefinat is going to be released exclusively on Ubisoft Connect. Moreover, considering that the huge game developer has not mentioned anything about bringing their latest FPS title to other PC platforms, Ubisoft Connect will probably be the only platform players will be able to use to play the game. This is bad news for everyone who likes to have all their games in one library on one platform.

This may change in the future, as some Ubisoft games have become available on Steam after a while. But for now, the situation is bleak.


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