All Available Game Modes in XDefiant

Screenshot of different agents escorting a payload in XDefinant

As is tradition with modern FPS games, upon release of XDefiant, the game will have different game modes for players to enjoy. Players pick their agents from a roster of well-known factions from Ubisoft games, like Cleaners from the Division or Far Cry’s Libertad. Once you pick and customize your agent, you can choose to play in one of five different game modes.

XDefiant All Game Modes Explained

Currently, there are five game modes in XDefinant, separated into two categories – Arena and Linear. The main difference between the two game mode groups is in the map design that they are played on. Arena modes have big maps with multiple elevations and different flanking options, modelled with Domination, Occupy and HotShot in mind. Meanwhile, maps for Linear modes are longer and have a distinctive start and end, making them perfect for Escort and Zone Control.  

Arena Modes


In this mode, teams compete to capture and hold three zones scattered around the map. Points are added to your team for every zone in possession, one zone equals one point, etc. Furthermore, if all zones are in the possession of one team, the other team will not score any points, and the team with the most points at the end of a round is the winner.


Similarly to Domination, players have to accumulate the most points in a round by controlling a specific zone. Unlike Domination, in Occupy there is only one zone, and it changes positions on the map during the round. This prevents players from barricading themselves in one spot and farming points.


To score in this mode, players have to collect tags dropped by killed enemies. Every fallen enemy and ally drops one tag that anyone can collect, granting or denying a point. Moreover, the player with the most tags collected becomes the HotShot. This comes with added buffs to speed, but the player is marked on the map for all to see. 

Linear Modes


In Escort, the attacking team must protect and push the package to its final destination on the other side of the map. There are scattered checkpoints along the way that will add time to the round once the package reaches them. The defenders have to stop the package from reaching its final destination before the round ends.

Zone Control 

Zone Control sees an attacking team trying to capture five zones in succession. After the first zone is captured, the next one becomes available, and so on until all five zones are captured. Standing in the way of the attacker’s victory is the defending team, which needs to stop and push the attackers back to zone one.   

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