Is XDefiant a Tom Clancy game?

Image of a character posing with a gun in XDefiant

Is XDefiant a Tom Clancy game? Let’s see about that.

The latest team-based online shooter from Ubisoft is on the horizon. Taking place in an alternative future version of the United States. In this game, players battle in 6v6 arena matches across various maps inspired by iconic locations from Ubisoft’s famous franchises. Every player takes control of one of the Defiants, which are highly customizable agents that have access to different abilities, weapons, items, and traits.   

With the game on the brink of potential release, many players are rightly wondering if the game is going to be Tom Clancy’s game. This comes as no surprise since the game was originally called Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. Moreover, Ubisoft is famous for games based on Tom Clancy’s work. This includes the long-running Splinter Cell series, Ghost Recon series, and Rainbow Six series which became an E-sport with its latest entry, Rainbow Six Siege. Nevertheless, let’s see if XDefinat is indeed a Tom Clancy game. 

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Is XDefiant going to be a Tom Clancy game?

XDefiant is not a Tom Clancy’s game, not anymore. Originally, XDefiant was named Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. The name change happened in 2022 when publishers Ubisoft announced their plans to introduce more Factions to the game that are not from Tom Clancy’s universe. Although the game will feature factions from games with Tom Clancy’s name, it also has other Factions from other Ubisoft games. For example, the following list represents all Factions that are currently planned for XDefiant:

  • Libertad – Freedom Fighters from Far Cry 6
  • Phantoms – Future Soldiers from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms
  • Echelon – Super Soldiers from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell
  • Cleaners – Pyro Technicians from Tom Clancy’s The Division 
  • Dedsec – Cyber Attackers from Watch Dogs

As we can see, while most of the Defiants come from Tom Clancy’s games, there are other factions from Ubisoft’s universes present as well. In fact, we can expect that many more could make the list as the game develops. Ubisoft’s library is vast and if XDefiant takes off, who knows what other factions might make the cut. Assassins from Assassin’s Creed for example, or the Orders from For Honor – to make only a couple of wild guesses.

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