There is Crossplay in XDefiant, here’s how it works

Screenshot of a firefight in XDefiant

With the release of new FPS games, players always wonder if there is a Crossplay feature, and XDefiant is no different. After some issues and delays, the brand-new shooter from Ubisoft is finally on the horizon. XDefiant is shaping up to be a fast-paced arena shooter with intense and exciting multiplayer. Moreover, the game is coming out on multiple platforms, meaning that Crossplay would feel right at home here. So let’s find out does XDefiant have Crossplay so players across platforms can enjoy the game together.

Does XDefiant have Crossplay?

Yes, XDefiant will have a Crossplay feature across all release platforms on day one. This means that no matter the platform you are using, you can play with your friends that use different platforms. This is great news, and will most certainly allow for the game to thrive and grow its player base on multiple platforms. On the other hand, the Crossplay feature can always be turned off if you want to play only with players on your chosen platform.  

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XDefiant How to add friends?

Because XDefiant has crossplay, you can use this feature to play with your friends on other platforms. You will first need to add friends using the Ubisoft Connect app on your platform to use crossplay and play with them. These are the steps to add friends from any console or system:

  • On the main screen select Ubisoft Connect Locate
  • Locate the Social tab on the left bar and click on it. 
  • The new screen will show all of your Ubisoft Connect friends.
  • There you can use Search to locate friends that are not on your list (keep in mind that you will have to use their Ubisoft Connect name and not their tag or in-game nick; you can find your Ubisoft name by clicking on the Profile tab on top of the left bar)
  • Once you located your friend add them to your Ubisoft Connect friends list.
  • Restart XDefiant.
  • Once you start the game, click on the Social tab to see all of your friends.

How to invite friends in XDefiant?

Once you have added your friends to the Ubisoft Connect friends list, you can invite them to the party. The steps below will show you how to invite friends and form a party in XDefiant. 

  • Use the Social tab to locate your friend.
  • Click on their name by pressing X on PlayStation, A for Xbox, or left-click on PC.
  • A window will appear with an invitation message.
  • Click on Invite to Party and wait for them to accept.
  • Once your friend accepts the invitation, they will be added to your party and you can play XDefiant together. 

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