Will XDefiant be Released on PS4?

Screenshot of an agent in Xdefinat firing a weapon.

After years of development and postponement, XDefiant is about to be released, but will it be released on PS4? Stay with us, and we will go through what is happening with the PS4 release of the game. 

Mixing locations and factions from different Ubisoft franchises, XDefiant offers five different game modes and an exciting 6v6 FPS experience. The game gives players the option to pick agents from different factions from various Tom Clancy games and others. Every faction comes with its own unique set of skills that are highly thematic to their original game. For example, due to their use of BioVide, Libertad from Far Cry are great support healers.

Is XDefiant Going to be Released on PS4?

No, XDefiant is not going to be released on PlayStation 4. This might come as a bit of a shock, and owners of older consoles have all the right to be angry. During the development of the game, last-gen consoles, like PS4 and Xbox One, were listed for release, although at a later time. However, this has been scrapped, and XDefiant will not be playable on PlayStation 4. 

Will There be a Release of XDefiant on PS4 in the Future?

Currently, there are no plans on behalf of developers for the future release of XDefinant on PS4. As mentioned before, the console was considered along with the Xbox One, but developers moved away from that idea. 

Ubisoft might change their minds and bring the game to PlayStation 4, but that is unlikely. Because of the hardware limitations of last-gen consoles, we can assume that games like XDefiant will not be ported to these old platforms. Sadly, this leaves owners of last-gen consoles with little little options. They can upgrade to the newer console version or to switch to a PC if they want to play XDefiant.   


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