How to Get Bronze in Hades 2 – Location and Uses

Hades 2 pile of bronze

Bronze was one of the main resources in ancient Greece, and Hades 2, a game based on Greek mythology, is no different. This article explains how to get some Bronze in Hades 2.

A new roguelike game is here. A sequel to the popular Hades game, Hades 2 took the best its predecessor had to offer. The result is a “god-like rogue-like” isometric game, with a unique art style. The protagonist of Hades 2 is Melinoë, the sister of the first game’s protagonist Zagreus, and a powerful witch and a sorceress. She will be guided by Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, on her quest to save Hades and defeat Chronos, the Titan of Time. During her quest, Melinoë will interact with various NPCs, gather new items, and look for materials to craft and upgrade her weapons and tools. One such material is Bronze, so let’s see how to get it in Hades 2.

Hades 2: How to Get Bronze

To get some Bronze, you have to go to the surface world, into the City of Ephyra. That is, unfortunately, easier said than done. In most games, Bronze is something that you can find early on in abundance, but not so in Hades 2. Reaching the surface world is a quest that you’ll get after some hours spent in the game. 

How to Get to the Surface in Hades 2?

To get to the surface world, you first have to meet Hermes, near the end of the Oceanus level. Once you do so, he’ll ask you to visit Mount Olymus, which is, unsurprisingly, not in the Underworld, but on the surface world. To do so, you first have to complete the “Permeation of Witching-Wards” Incantation on your Cauldron. It requires one Cinder, one Shadow, and three Moly to perform. It enables you to pass through Warded gateways, such as one leading to the surface. Once you do so, the way to the surface world is open.

Hades 2 image of a ruined kitchen on the surface
Image via N4G Unlocked

How to Find and Mine Bronze

On the surface world, you’ll find Bronze as a pile of brownish metal (looking like armor, helmets, etc.). Approach it and use your Crescent Pick tool to mine some Bronze from that pile. You will get three pieces of Bronze from each one.

Note that Melinoë’s time on the surface world is limited (until you complete the “Unraveling a Fateful Bond” Incantation), so be quick about finding those Broze piles. The locations are randomized so each time you visit the surface world, chances are they will be in different locations.  

Hades 2 image of the Crescent Pick
Image via N4G Unlocked

What is Bronze Used For in Hades 2

At the moment, Bronze is used for crafting and upgrading your weapons and tools. For example, you need Bronze to make the Rod of Fishing, which in turn enables you to fish. Or to craft an Argent Skull, a powerful throwing weapon. You also need some bronze to upgrade your Arcana cards.


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