How to Reach the Surface in Hades 2

Hades 2 Melione standing with Hecate next to the Cauldron

To get to Mount Olympus or other similar locations in the game, you must climb up to the surface. Read this article to learn how to reach the surface in Hades 2.

In Hades 2 you play as Melinoë, the daughter of Hades, sister of Zagerus, and the Princess of the Underworld. As you might have guessed, that means that the majority of the game will be in the Underworld. But, during your adventures, you’ll inevitably have to climb up to the surface world, either to visit Mount Olympus, mine some Bronze, or for other reasons. There is a special procedure that you have to follow to unlock the passage to the surface, so let’s see how to reach the surface in Hades 2.

Hades 2: How to Reach the Surface

The gate leading to the surface is easily found in the Crossroads. The trick is that it is blocked, and you have to perform a special Incantation to open it, called “Permeation of Witching-Wards”.

Sounds simple enough, let’s see how to do it. You have to meet Hermes and when he invites you to visit Mount Olympus you will unlock the Incantation. You will have this opportunity after doing a couple of runs. First, you have to talk about Hermes with Hecate and Charon. Then, at the start of the next run, Hermes will greet and talk to you. After that Hecate will grant the ability to perform the “Permeation of Witching-Wards” Invocation. In short, you just have to play the game as usual and eventually, you’ll unlock this Invocation.

To perform it, you will need the following ingredients: one Cinder, one Shadow, and three Moly. You can find plenty of Moly lying around in Erebus, and you get Cinder by defeating Hestia. The Shadow is the tricky part.

Hades 2 image of Melinoe standing in the hallway
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How to Get Shadow in Hades 2

Unfortunately, you can’t find Shadows by simply exploring. You have to craft them. Thankfully, it is simple enough. First, open up your Reagents inventory tab, and there you will see the “Shadow” stack (which should be at zero). Melinoë will comment about extracting Shadow, and that will unlock the Shadow crafting option at the Cauldron.

You need 30 Ash, 30 Psyche, and 3 Fate Fabric. Thankfully, you can obtain these items by simply exploring (if you don’t have them already). Alternatively, you can purchase them from the Wretched Broker, or by exchanging your Obol Points.

Surviving the Surface

Since Melinoë comes from the Underworld, she will suffer damage as long as she stays on the surface. That means that your surface runs will have to be short and effective. It is only after playing for some time that you will unlock the “Unraveling a Fateful Bond” Incantation which stops Melinoë from suffering surface damage. It requires two Lotus, two Moss, two Nightshade, and two Thalamus.

You can pick up some Lotus flowers in Oceanus and Moss is found on the surface. You will have to plant and grow Nightshade in your “garden”, and the same goes for Thalamus.


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