All New and Returning Gods in Hades 2

Hades 2 Melinoe standing with Hypnos

You will encounter a lot of Gods during your quests in the Underworld and on the surface. Read this article to see all the new gods introduced in Hades 2, and which gods from the first game are returning.

The original Hades and Hades 2 are unsurprisingly based on Greek mythology. That means that you will encounter various Greek gods during your adventures. The game is named after the God of the Underworld, after all. In Hades 2, the story moves forward, and in its center is Melinoë, an aspiring sorceress and the daughter of Hades. Since the game is much like its predecessor, you can expect to encounter a variety of Greek gods and goddesses. But, what gods are making a comeback, and are there any new ones? Let’s see about that. Let’s see all the new and returning gods in Hades 2.

Gods Returning in Hades 2

In the first Hades game you, as the protagonist named Zagreus, have met some gods on your quest to reach the surface and find Persephone. The story in Hades 2 revolves around Zagreus’ sister, so here are the gods from the first game that are making a comeback in the second installment.

  • Aphrodite – Goddess of beauty, love, and desire. She will grant you Boons that usually weaken your enemies.
Hades 2 Aphrodite
  • Artemis – Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and animals. Her Boons improve your damage and ranged attacks.
Hades 2 gods Artemis
  • Demeter – Goddess of agriculture and growth. The focus of her Boons is Freezing your enemies.
Hades 2 Demeter
  • Hypnos – God of sleep. Found in the Crossroads, he is stuck in a dream-like state.
Hades 2 Hypnos
  • Poseidon – God of the sea. His Boons increase the riches you may find and knock enemies away.
Hades 2 Poseidon
  • Zeus – King of the gods, and god of the sky, weather, thunder, and lightning. He can grant you Boons that inflict Blitz and send out lightning strikes.
Hades 2 gods Zeus

A few minor, non-diety characters, like Charon the Boatman, are also returning.

Hades 2: New Gods

Since Hades 2 revolves around magic and witchcraft, you can expect some related gods and goddesses to make an appearance. The most prominent is Hecate, the goddess of magic and Melinoë’s mentor, but she’s not the only one.

  • Apollo – God of music, arts, healing, prophecy, and poetry. Brother to Artemis, his Boons improve your area damage and inflict Daze.
  • Hecate – Goddess of Magic. She’s the mentor of Melinoë, leading her on her quest and improving her magical and witch-like abilities.
Hades 2 Hecate
  • Hestia – Goddess of the hearth and home. Her flame-based Boons usually inflict Scorch on your enemies.
Hades 2 Hestia
  • Hephaestus – God of fire, crafts, and metalworking. The Blacksmith of the God grants you defensive Boons and ones that wreck your opponent’s armor.
Hades 2 Hephaestus
  • Moros – The Spirit of Doom, or Doom Incarnate as he likes to be called. He’s there to help out Melinoë on her quest.
Hades 2 Moros
  • Nemesis – Goddess of Retribution. Jealous of Melinoë and her quest to defeat Chronos, for she believes that she should be the one to do it. 
Hades 2 Nemesis
  • Selene – Goddess of the Moon. She grants Boons that improve your Hexes.
Hades 2 Selene

You will also encounter other characters, such as Arachne the Spider, that will help Melinoë but do not count as gods.

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