Can You Play Hades 2 With Game Pass?

Hades 2 can you play it on game pass

Surprising everyone, Hades 2 was released in early access, and many are wondering if you can play it on Game Pass. Microsoft’s subscription service is home to plenty of popular games, and this highly anticipated sequel to a hit roguelike from 2020 would be a welcome addition. 

Hades 2 sees players return to the Underworld. This time as Melinoe, a daughter of Hades and sister to the first game protagonist. Escaping his imprisonment, Chronos, the Titan of Time, has conquered the Underworld and taken its denizens as prisoners, including Melinoe’s family. Along with everything her mentor Hecate had taught her, Melinoe will have to rely on help from the gods of Olympus to stop Chronos.

Hades 2: Can You Play it With Game Pass?

No, Hades 2 has not been added to Game Pass. Currently, the game is only available through Steam or Epic Games Store. This is no surprise, considering that the game has not been released for Xbox, and its Early Access is currently a PC exclusive.

This might be why Supergiant Games hasn’t made any deals with Microsoft to bring their game to Game Pass. Hopefully, this will change soon and Microsoft subscription users will be able to join others in playing Hades 2.   

Will Hades 2 be Added to Game Pass in the Future?

Because the original game was available on Game Pass for over a year back in 2021, we can expect that the sequel will be added eventually as well. Developers, Supergiant Games, have mentioned that the game will be released on other gaming platforms. However, this will probably not happen before the game enters a full release stage, which might take a while. 

Although Xbox was not mentioned by name, it stands to reason that one of the biggest gaming platforms will be included. Additionally, the game system requirements are pretty low by today’s standards and there is no reason why the latest Microsoft consoles would have any problem to run it smoothly. Hopefully, we will get more information from the developers soon. Until then, Hades 2 will remain a PC exclusive. 

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