Can You Play Hades 2 on Nintendo Switch?

Hades 2 image of Melinoe standing in the hallway

Hades 2 entered Early Access, and if you are wondering if the Nintendo Switch is among the platforms you can play it on, we can help. The original game ran smoothly on Nintendo’s handheld console, so let’s find out if that will be the case with the sequel.  

Some time had passed since the first game’s events, and Titan Chronos had escaped his Underworld prison. Taking over the Hades domain, the Titan of Time intends to wage war on Olympus. To stop Chronos, players take on the role of Melinoe, a princess of the Underworld, and a sister to Zagreus. Aided by her mentor Hecate and the gods of Olympus, Melinoe must travel through the hostile Underworld to foil Chronos’ plans and uncover what happened to her family. 

Hades 2: Can You Play it on Nintendo Switch?

Sadly, the Nintendo Switch is not listed among the playable platforms for the early release of Hades 2. At the time of writing only PC owners can enjoy the Early Access, via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

This is sad news for all players who enjoyed the first Hades game on their Nintendo handheld consoles. But, do not despair, there may be some good news for Nintendo Switch owners. 

Will Hades 2 be Released on Nintendo Switch?

Although Hades 2 is released in early access only for PCs, this will change in the future. Developers Supergiant Games explained in their recent FAQ that they plan for Hades 2 to be available for Mac and console platforms eventually.

The FAQ does not specify on which consoles Hades 2 will be released, but hopefully, the Nintendo Switch will be among them. What is working in Nintendo’s favor here is that the game is playable on another handheld console. Due to the low system requirements, Steam Deck is proving to be a perfect match for Hades 2. However, take this with a grain of salt, as there is no guarantee that it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

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