How to Preload XDefiant – Date, Time and Size

Screenshot of an agent in Xdefinat firing a weapon.

Preloading a game like XDefiant will save players valuable time on the day of a release. Instead of waiting for the release day to download and install a game, you do all that before. Once the game servers are up, you are already in and can start grinding. Luckily, Ubisoft announced that five days ahead of the release of XDefiant, the game will be available for preload.

As the release date gets closer for XDefiant, preloading the game will save players precious gaming time on day one. We highly recommend that everyone preload the game, especially taking into account its file size. The game requires a bit more GB than a usual modem shooter and might take longer to download and install, especially for players with a slower internet connection.

XDefiant Preload Release Date and Regional Times 

Image of a preload dates and time for XDefiant
Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft released the official times for preload release across different regions and time zones. Depending on the player’s location, the preload release time will differ, but it will be around the same time for all. However, one thing stays the same for all once the preload is up, you can download and install the game to be ready for the release on May 21st. Below are all announced preload release dates and times:

  • US & Canada – May 16th, 1PM ET
  • South America – May 16th, 2PM BRT
  • Europe – May 16th, 7PM CEST
  • Oceania & Asia – May 17th, 3AM AET

How to Preload XDefiant

Depending on the platform you are using to play the game, there are different things players will have to do to preload XDefiant. Console users will have a slightly easier time with a preload than PC players. Whichever console is in question, to preload the game, simply go into the game store and download XDefiant. 

On the other hand, PC users have to do a few extra steps. First, download Ubisoft Connect and create a Ubisoft account, if you do not have one already. Once this is done, you can use Ubisoft Connect to locate and preload the game, from May 16th onwards.

XDefiant File Size

To preload XDefiant, players will have to set aside around 65GB of free space on their platforms. This is a bit much compared to other modern shooters, but preloading the game will save you precious time when the game releases on May 21st. Moreover, this file size is just the beginning, and players will most certainly need more space for the game in the future. 

Considering that the game has a detailed roadmap for the first year, we already know that more content is coming. Note that this new content includes new maps and factions, so leaving additional free space might be a good idea. 


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