XDefiant Fans Enter the Launch Week With High Expectations

Image of a character posing with a gun in XDefiant

The Executive Producer of XDefiant at Ubisoft, Mark Rubin, proudly shared the news of the upcoming Launch week, making players’s expectations go through the roof. After all the controversy, fans and future players have several events to look forward to. It will be a busy week in all the best possible ways, so get ready.

Fans Share Their Hopes and Wishes for the Launch

Recently, a roadmap of the XDefiant Launch Week has been revealed. Launch trailer and Pre-load drop on May 16. The following day, on May 17, we’ll get the Preseason XDebrief. You can expect the Battle Pass trailer to drop on May 20. All of these events lead up to May 21, when you’ll get official Tips&Tricks, All-Star Series Finals, and finally, the long-expected Preseason will go live.

One Reddit user, pnellesen, noted: “I’m just so damned glad this game is actually happening. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be a “CoD killer”. It just needs to be a fun arena FPS and I’ll be happy”. Many agreed while racsssss added: “It just needs to have servers that aren’t laggy af for me and I’ll choose it over CoD”. Timely-Cabinet-7879 expressed their joy: “Pre-download? Nice!”.

There is a lot of support for this release online, H1-DEF explained why. They said: ” Anyone who cares about this style of shooter should be supporting XDefiant.Microsoft might improve CoD, but there’s no guarantee and if XDefiant isn’t around to show that there can be viable alternatives then CoD will have much less of an incentive to stop giving WZ 90% of its attention and put effort into Multiplayer and a more fair user experience”.

Image of characters protecting an objective in XDefiant
Image via Ubisoft

One of the players that got to playtest the game warned the others about possible future complaints. They said: “Mark my words, the aiming is going to be a MAJOR complaint people have with this game, especially on mnk  [mouse/keyboard input]”. The explanation lies in the lack of aim assist, so you need to be more skilled to succeed. Another issue is that of “the tracer not aligning with the timing of the flash and impact of the bullet, making it look like the recoil”.

High Expectations Lead to High Rewards

Most of the fans show their utter support for the release. They commend the developers’ dedication. BeerGogglesFTW commented: “Much sooner than I was expecting after the server test. I would have guessed mid-summer. Three weeks isn’t bad at all”. Sittybob joked: “Let’s go and I’m NOT on vacation this time around”, showing true dedication.

On the night of May 14, Mark Rubin shared a video in gold. He went on to explain: “It’s a dev thing. Going gold is when a game has been fully approved for launch”. Now, all you have to do is enjoy the events of this week and wait for the Preseason to launch.


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