All Game Modes in The Finals

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Curious to know what are all of the game modes in The Finals? You are in the right place. Developed by Embark Studios, The Finals exploded onto the FPS scene in December 2023. In this online multiplayer arena-based shooter players compete in teams of three. During a match, they fight over who can collect the most cash in a round. To this end, you can choose from three different Builds, all with unique specializations and gadgets, along with ranged and melee weapon options for every Build.

The Finals have several game modes, and at certain times the game will have an additional event game mode. In this article, we will go over all there is to know about all game modes you can participate in. Continue reading and see what The Finals has in store for us.

All Game Modes in The Finals

When you start playing The Finals, you can choose between several game modes. There are five different game modes that you can play and an additional event game mode that constantly changes.


In Cashout, four teams of three contestants are competing to be the richest team at the end of a round. This is achieved by collecting Cash boxes and depositing them at Cashout Points. Just keep in mind that Cashout Points can be stolen so make sure you protect them.

Quick Cash

Quick Cash is a casual variant featuring the Cashout mechanic. In this mode, players are in a 3v3v3 format fighting over only one vault. The matches are longer and have faster respawn and extraction times.


In the Bank-It game mode, four teams of three players compete to collect the most coins. The winners are the team that has the most money at the end of a round or the team that reaches the maximum limit first. This is a casual, more combat-oriented mode. 

Power Shift 

Power Shift is a casual mode where two teams of five players compete over a moving platform. The goal is to escort the platform through the map. The match ends when one team successfully bring the platform to their goal, or the time runs out. The team that owns the platform when the round ends is the winner. Nevertheless, if the platform is contested the round will go into overtime.

Unranked Tournament

Unranked Tournament is a cashout mode where four teams of three players compete over cashboxes. The goal is to bring and deposit said cashboxes to Cashout Points. All while fighting other players who are trying to do the same thing. This mode uses the tournament format. It takes place over three rounds and can have 24 players in total. The first two rounds are played as normal 3v3v3v3, with the third round being 3v3, after which the winner is the team that first cashes out 20k.

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Ranked Tournament

Ranked Tournament is similar to Unranked Tournament format. The goals and rules are the same, but the game takes place over four rounds. There are still four teams of three players, and the player count is 48. 

Practice Range

Practice Range is a game mode in which you can test all the weapons and gadgets the game has to offer. This mode is perfect for testing things out without worrying about other players.

All Limited Time Event Game Modes in The Finals 

The first limited-time Event mode was added to The Finals with an update 1.5 on January 17, 2024. These modes usually last for two weeks and use modified rules for one of the other standard game modes. However, Event game modes usually come with cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked by participating in the event.

Solo Bank-It

The first event mode in The Finals was an experimental Solo Bank-it mode. However, it was a straightforward Bank-It mode with the only difference being that instead of teams, you play alone.

Steal the Spotlight

The next event game mode in The Finals was Steal the Spotlight. In essence, this was a Solo Bank-It mode but played only as the Heavy Build. Furthermore, you could only take a limited loadout to participate in this game mode.  

Smoking Guns

The latest Event mode added in The Finals is the Smoking Guns Event. This event uses Bank-it rules but is inspired by Wild West. This means that all guns that can be used in this mode are American frontier-oriented and all of the automatic rifles and modern gadgets are out.  

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