Is there SBMM in The Finals?

Image of a firefigh in the game The Finals

The Finals is a brand new team shooter from Embark Studios. The game puts you in a team of three against other teams competing in different game mods to be the richest at the end of a round. Since its release the game has become very popular in the gaming community. The player base has been steadily growing and with this emerged a concern that The Finals uses SBMM like many similar games. This is a hot topic and a source of great debates in the community. Read on and find out if there is SBMM in The Finals.

Does The Finals have SBMM?

At this time there is no official statement from Embark Studios denying or confirming SBMM use in The Finals. The player community has its concerns on this matter. But after winning a few matches you might find yourself matched against high-level players making the game drastically more difficult. This makes a good argument for the use of SBMM in The Finals, but lacking an official statement from the developers we can only wait and see. 

A lot of players feel that there is SBMM in The Finals, based on personal experience. A lot of them report being matched against high-skill players after managing to win multiple games in a row. But still, no official info from the devs.

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What is SBMM? 

Skill-based Matchmaking (SBMM) is a feature that games use to match players based on their skill level. This is a double-edged sword. One side has low-level players matched with players of similar skill making sure that matches feel balanced. On the other side, high-level players are never matched with players that are below their skill level. This means that low-level players will probably have fun and more even skill-level matches, and high-level players will always struggle.   

Image of a Skill Issue skin set in The Finals
Image via Embark Studios

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