Can you play The Finals on PS5?

Image of a character from a game The Finals

If you are wondering: “Will I be able to play The Finals on my latest PlayStation console?”. We have answers for you and more. Read on to find out if you’ll be able to play The Finals on PS5.

The Finals is the upcoming first-person shooter developed and published by Embark Studios. The game is currently in open beta until November 5, 2023. Players compete in teams of three in this modern homage to ancient Rome’s gladiatorial games. Teams are fighting to be the richest at the end of a round. Opening vaults to extract and secure cash. All that while fighting and defending against other teams. The Finals promise to be a blast. Players have the option of destroying some parts of the terrain. But also have a limited option in the construction of obstacles. Combining all that with small/big arms, rocket launchers, and melee weapons. Different abilities that each of the three in-game character classes offers. All this is shaping up to be, an endless pool of fun and possibilities. So let’s see if you can join the festivities on your PS5 console.

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Can you play The Finals on PS5?

The Finals is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 5 alongside the PC and Xbox upon game launch. Developers Embark Studios confirmed it by dropping a trailer on  The PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. That’s good news for all PS5 enthusiasts who are looking forward to the new shooter title.

Can you play The Finals on PS4?

At the time of writing this article, there is no information about The Finals released on previous versions of the PlayStation console. It’s possible that the game’s technology wouldn’t allow for old-gen consoles to run the game properly. However, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s any new information in the future.

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