How to Enter The Finals Beta?

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The Finals is a new free-to-play shooter from Embark Games and is soon to be officially released. If you cannot wait for that, this article will show you how to enter The Finals Beta.

Come one, come all, the greatest action-packed game show is just around the corner. The Finals had two successful closed betas and is now open for the general masses. The Open Beta started on October 26 and will run until November 5. But how to enter The Finals Beta? Read on.

The Finals Open Beta

The Finals Open Beta is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X/S between October 26 and November 5. The goal of it is to test out the servers, improvements, and changes from Closed Betas. Open Beta will feature Skyway Stadium, Monaco, and Seoul arenas. It will also have four game modes as well as a Practice Range: Bank-it, Unranked Tournament, Ranked Tournament, and Quick Cash. Let’s see how to enter Open Beta on each platform.

How to Enter The Finals Open Beta on PC?

To access The Finals open beta on PC, simply look for it on Steam. As there are a lot of players at the moment, you only have to option to Request Access to the beta, and the devs will reach out to you when there is room for more players.

How to Enter Open Beta on Xbox?

To enter Open Beta for The Finals on Xbox, go to the official Microsoft store and find it there. Make sure that you look for the Beta version, as the regular version is still unavailable.

How to Access Open Beta on PlayStation?

To access The Finals open beta on PlayStation, just look for it on the official PlayStation store and download it from there. Bear in mind that you need the Beta version, because the regular version is not available until the official release.

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