Does The Finals have crossplay? Play on PS5, Xbox, and PC

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You may be wondering can you play The Finals with crossplay. Read this article to find out if it’s possible or not.

Players who play on console and PC are hyped and ready to delve into the new game coming from Embark Studios. The Finals was finally released in December of 2023, and many players across all platforms are wondering if they will be able to play together. This article will explain if you can play The Finals with crossplay and cross-platform features.

Does The Finals have crossplay?

Yes, the Finals has crossplay for all of its release platforms. That means the players on PC and console are able to play with players on other gaming platforms. The same goes for the owners of other new-gen gaming platforms as well. That means that gamers on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC can all play together.

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Is there a Cross-platform option?

Yes, The Finals has cross-platform features. This means you will only have to register a single account to have its progression saved on all your gaming systems at home. That means that you’ll retain your in-game progress between different systems as long as you use the same account.

What is The Finals?

The Finals is a new online arena shooter in which you will be teamed up with two other players. This will form a team to compete with other teams for objectives and cash vaults. The game takes place in an arena with destructible features. It features three class options and multiple guns, melee, and equipment options. The choice is on you to decide which combination of guns and gadgets you will take to face your opponents.

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