The Best Weapons for Each Build in The Finals

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Embarking into the frenetic battle arenas of The Finals demands a clear understanding of your arsenal. Every Build in the game has access to weapons designed to maximize their specific combat roles. Our guide will offer players a list of top-tier weapons for each Build in the game. Read on to ensure that you enter the Arena with confidence, ready to do your best with the strengths of your chosen loadout.

How to Pick the Right Weapon

In the blistering skirmishes of The Finals, the right weapon is not just about firepower. It takes all the weapon can offer for a specific Build, in combination with its, gadgets, tactics, and specializations, to make it a perfect choice. Let’s find out what are the optimal picks for each Build in The Finals.

Best Weapons for the Light Build

In The Finals, the Light Build specializes in rapid movement and quick strikes. Players who choose this Build will find themselves zipping through the map, utilizing the grappling hook to leap to vantage points or to make a swift getaway.

Reflecting Light Build’s fast-paced game style, all weapons at their disposal are capable of unleashing massive amounts of damage with incredible speed. Pairing these powerful arms with stealth gadgets ensures that Light Build players can strike and vanish before opponents even realize what hit them. A well-timed smoke grenade from their arsenal can turn the tide, providing the perfect cover for offensive and defensive manoeuvres.


A standout in the Light Build’s arsenal for its great damage potential and swift firing rate. The V9S is a perfect choice for all players with great aim. Along with rewarding accuracy and high damage output, the V9S can be a beast at close and medium ranges.

V9S The Finals Weapon
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For those who favor mobility, the XP-54 is the weapon of choice, offering players a manageable recoil with a generous magazine size and an impressive damage output. The XP-54’s great precision and recoil allow for easy use even while aiming down the sight.

XP-54 The Finals Weapon
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Light Build’s Sword is one of the hardest weapons to master in The Finals. Nevertheless, once mastered, you can clear entire rooms in no time and leave enemies puzzled at what just happened. Combining this weapon with Light Build’s speed and gadgets that allow you to disappear will make you a nightmare for your opponents.

Screenshot of Sword in The Finals
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Best Weapons for the Medium Build

The Medium Build in The Finals epitomizes balance, blending offensive firepower with important support skills. This is the first Build you can play when you enter the game for the first time, as it offers a solid entry point into The Finals. The Medium Build is a master of adaptability and is better at supporting the team and laying down covering fire when needed. Moreover, Medium Build is very rewarding for those who can smartly toggle between dealing damage and providing timely support to their teammates.


Within the Medium Build, the AKM is a shining all-rounder. Being the default weapon for Medium Build, its balanced damage, rate of fire, and user-friendly recoil pattern allow for adaptability across various combat scenarios. Also, the AKM is a great weapon to learn the game with and a lethal tool in the hands of an experienced player.

AKM The Finals Weapon
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Model 1887

For players who thrive in close-quarters combat, the Model 1887 shotgun offers a blend of range, speed, and stopping power. Even Heavy Build players will think twice about getting too close to Model 1887. This weapon dominates in close spaces and its damage will stop almost every Build in its tracks.

Model 1887 The Finals Weapon
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Well-placed, precise shots are needed to use R.357 to its fullest potential. Viable at all ranges, this weapon provides one-tap headshot potential for players with great aim. You will only have to get used to its recoil and limited visibility due to its iron sights.

Screenshot of R.357 in The Finals
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Weapons for the Heavy Build

For those who prefer the thrill of holding the line and being the unyielding anchor for the team, the Heavy Build class stands unmatched. The arsenal of the Heavy Build is designed for pure destruction with tools like RPG-7 that make easy work of Light Builds. On the other hand, defensive gadgets like Dome Shield will protect you while reviving teammates or stealing Cashout Points.

Lewis Gun 

Compared to the M60, the Lewis Gun has an incredibly steady recoil, making it the superior LMG for the Heavy Build. Its iron sights allow for more precise use at longer ranges and faster reload speed easily negates M60’s larger magazine size. Every player who likes toppling down enemies with a hail of bullets will feel right at home with the Lewis Gun.

Screenshot of Lewis Gun in The Finals
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For Heavy Build players looking to dominate at close range, the SA1216 is the ultimate power player. Its capability for one-shot eliminations demands getting up close and personal. Once you master its unique firing method, it becomes an unstoppable force in the hands of a Heavy Build expert.

SA1216 The Finals Weapon
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Your selection of weapons in The Finals can significantly impact your combat effectiveness. Aligning your choices with the strengths of your chosen Build will complement tactics and make it easier to execute your plans. With this guide as your blueprint, you’re ready to select the prime weaponry for your Build and claim victory in the Arenas of The Finals.

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