The Finals: AKM vs FCAR, which gun is better for Medium Build?

Skyway Stadium map in The Finals

Since the release of The Finals players have been debating which weapon is better for Medium Build – AKM or FCAR. Although Medium Build has a pretty good roster of weapons, with guns like Model 1887 and Riot Shield to name a few, the players are stuck in the debate over AKM or FCAR for good reason. Besides being solid and reliable choices, both guns have their strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, let us explore this question further.

The Finals AKM vs FCAR

Firstly we have to take a look at both guns and compare their pros and cons, along with their potential use in different situations. Only then can we make the final decision on which gun is better for the Medium Build.

Along with having a lower damage output, the AKM also has worse recoil compared to FCAR. Compensating for this, the AKM has a larger magazine size (almost double the capacity of FCAR) and a faster fire rate. This all makes AKM a solid reliable choice for closer engagements, in which you can utilise its magazine size and fire rate to put consistent damage on your opponents. This gun is considered a “Golden Standard” for the Medium Build for a reason.

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On the other hand, the FCAR has a greater damage output, a slower rate of fire, and weaker recoil. Another advantage over AKM is holographic sights, making FCAR a better option for longer-range engagements. Keep in mind that due to its slower rate of fire and small magazine size, you will be at a clear disadvantage in close combat. 


Finally, the choice of which gun is better for the Medium Build is down to your playstyle. If you are favoring long-range engagements, the FCAR is a clear choice. Contrary to this, if you like to be in the tick of fighting, the AKM is a better tool for that. Personally, I use both weapons in my games. Usually starting a match with FCAR for more advantage in longer-range engagements, followed by the switch to AKM when the fights transition to closer ranges near the end of a match.   

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