The Finals: Are there Esports? The Finals pro scene

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Embark Studios The Finals have not been released for a month and it has already gained a substantial player base. This is due to the exciting combination of different classes, unique weapons and gadgets, and fast-paced firefights in arenas with all-destructible terrain. The Finals pairs players in teams of three and the goal is to be the richest out of four teams at the end of a round. This is done with a cash-out mechanic reminiscent to capture the flag mode in other games. Without a doubt, all these features would make a great Esports experience. But does The Finals have Esports, and does the game have a pro scene?

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Is The Finals an Esport and is there a pro scene?

At this time No, The Finals is not an Esport and it does not have a pro scene. Even so, this might change in the future. The game has a great foundation to be an Esport – after all, it is organized as one big Sports event. The Finals see players engaged in a Tournament that takes place in a virtual arena filled with spectators. It even has in-game commentators explaining what is happening during the match. The gameplay is structured in a way that strategic teamplay is highly encouraged. Moreover, the leaderboard is part of the Ranked play, meaning that you can check your standing after each match. Seeing all this, it is not hard to imagine The Finals evolving a pro scene of its own. Indeed, it just might be too soon for developers to be thinking of organized online or real-life events.   

That was all that is known at the moment on The Finals Esports and pro scene. While we wait for more information on the subject, check out more The Finals articles from our team, like Can You Play The Finals Using a Controller, How to transfer mouse sensitivity from Valorant to The Finals, and Best Builds for Each Class in The Finals.


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