Is there a Battle Pass in The Finals? (Season 1)

Surging Popularity of The Finals

The Finals is the new free-to-play FPS game developed and published by Embark Studios. In this fast-paced explosive arena shooter, players compete in teams to collect and deposit the most cash and be the richest at the end of a round. Battle Passes have been part of online gaming for a decade now. Read on if you are looking to find out does The Finals have a Battle Pass.

Does The Finals have a Battle Pass?

The answer to this is Yes, The Finals has a Battle Pass. The Battle Pass was launched on the same day that the game was released on December 7, 2023, and it will last until March 12, 2024. Premium Pass can be purchased for 950 Multibucks which is $9.99. And if you want to skip to tier 20 that will set you back 2400 Multibucks or $19.99.   

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What is in The Finals Season 1 Battle Pass?

Image of a Battle Pass in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The first Battle Pass for The Finals has 96 rewards, 26 of which are free. All items are categorized into twelve tiers, and each tier requires eight levels to finish it. Every level will need 9000 XP to unlock, and this experience is earned by playing the game. There is also an option to purchase levels with Multibucks. The following is the list of all the Items included in the Battle Pass by tiers:

  1. Flowery Speech Emoticon
  2. Jackpot Juggle Animation
  3. 75 Multibucks
  4. Nevermode Encory Spray
  5. Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Sound
  6. Street Grooves Emote
  7. 75 Multibucks
  8. Rockability Outfit
  9. Sparkle Sparkle Sticker
  10. Diamonds Diamonds R.357 Weapon Skin
  11. Chamber Check Animation
  12. 75 Multibucks
  13. Diamonds Diamonds God Gun Weapon Skin
  14. Bling Bling Weapon Charm 
  15. Ammo audit Animation
  16. Diamonds Diamonds V95 Weapon Skin
  17. Punchline Pop-Un Emotion
  18. Volpe Dataglove Weapone Charm
  19. 75 Multibucks
  20. Shadow Boxer Emote
  21. Volpe Virtual Sticker
  22. Challenge Accepted Sound
  23. 75 Multibucks
  24. Volpe Haptic Jab Outfit
  25. Amped Assertion Sound
  26. Airwave Anthem Emoticom
  27. 75 Multibucks
  28. Hair
  29. Glam Grease Body Paint
  30. 75 Multibucks
  31. Rock On Gesture
  32. Riff wrecker Sledgehapper Weapon Skin
  33. Slick Stoppie Weapon Charm 
  34. Holtow Approved Spray
  35. 75 Multibucks
  36. Claim Victory Emote
  37. Playing With Fire Emoticon
  38. Holtow Inssure Sticker
  39. 75 Multibucks
  40. Holtow Coverage Headwear
  41. Virtually All In Spray
  42. Easy Money Sound
  43. 75 Multibucks
  44. Roll The Dice Emote
  45. No-Tell Specs Facewear
  46. 75 Multibucks
  47. Die Happy Weapon Charm 
  48. Mini Roulette Lweis Gun Weapon Skin
  49. Easy Come, Easy Go Emoticon
  50. 75 Multibucks
  51. Anti-Dote Weapon Charm
  52. House-Edge Visor Headwear
  53. Chip In Sticker
  54. Ace Outfit
  55. 75 Multibucks
  56. 52 Pickup Throwing Knives Weapon Skin
  57. Break Up Emoticon
  58. Bouquet Bash Emote
  59. ‘Til Death Do Us Apart Sound
  60. Boutonniere Boom SH1900 Weapon Skin
  61. Romance Rift Sticker
  62. Engaged in Battle Arms
  63. 75 Multibucks
  64. Wow Warrior Outfit
  65. Arena Invader Emoticon
  66. Small Encounter Weapon Charm
  67. 75 Multibucks
  68. Stranger Danger Sticker
  69. Seti Stepper Jump Pan Weapon Skin
  70. 75 Multibucks
  71. Moomentus Liftoff Sticker
  72. Beam Bye-Bye Emote
  73. Peaceful Arrival
  74. Cosmic Blessing Gesture
  75. 75 Multibucks
  76. Harvest Hox Spray
  77. Martian Greeting Frag Grenade Weapon Skin
  78. 75 Multibucks
  79. We Come In Peace Sound
  80. Captain Saucerian Outfit
  81. Flat-Tastic Fob Weapon Charm
  82. 75 Multibucks
  83. Truth Tunnel Jumper Upper Body
  84. Fact Foiler Headwear
  85. 75 Multibucks
  86. Debate Deflater Emote
  87. Disc Of Dipute Spray
  88. Tinfoil Takedown God Gun Weapon Skin
  89. Ruffled Feathers Emoticon
  90. Crow’s Memory R.357 Weapon Skin
  91. 75 Multibucks
  92. Shadow Flock Spray
  93. Runny Shadow Body Paint
  94. Hot Headed Emote
  95. Cash Crow Pet
  96. Odila, The Trickster Outfit

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