Best PC Graphics Settings for The Finals

Best PC Graphics Settings for The Finals

In the competitive realm of first-person shooters, every frame and pixel can be the difference between triumph and defeat. For enthusiasts eagerly diving into The Finals, fine-tuning your rig with the best PC graphics settings is not just about breathtaking visuals — it’s about gaining the strategic upper hand.

Whether you’re outmaneuvering opponents in frenetic close-quarters battles or taking the shot of a lifetime from across the map, the right settings can elevate your gameplay to championship levels. This guide lays out the ultimate Best PC Graphics Settings for The Finals, ensuring your system is locked, loaded, and visually optimized for peak performance.

The Finals Video Settings

The difference between victory and defeat can often come down to the split-second decisions and reactions during gameplay. Here’s how you can maximize your FPS to ensure you’re always one step ahead:

Video Settings for The Finals

Window ModeFullscreen
ResolutionYour monitor’s native resolution
NVIDIA Reflext Low LatencyOn
Resolution Scaling MethodNVIDIA DLSS
NVIDIA DLSSUltra Performance
Field of View100
Motion BlurDisabled
Lens DistortionDisabled
Ray TracingStatic
Overall Quality LevelCustom
View DistanceMedium
Global Illumination ResolutionMedium

The Finals Audio Settings

Clear audio can provide an essential advantage on the battlefield. The right audio settings help you detect enemies by their footsteps or gunfire.

Audio Settings for The Finals

Master Volume70
Music Volume40
SFX Volume100
Dialogue Volume40
Subtitle Text SizeSmall
Subtitle Background Opacity0
Enable Voice ChatOn
ModePush To Talk
Voice Chat Output Volume70

Don’t forget to enable subtitles to catch any missed dialogue, and set the voice chat to ‘Push To Talk’ to communicate effectively with your teammates without cluttering the audio channel.

The Finals Gameplay and Crosshair Settings

The right gameplay settings can enhance your tactical approach. With ‘Use Enemy Team Colors’ turned off, you can avoid confusion and maintain your focus on the objective. As for crossplay, it’s a personal choice, depending on whether you want to match with players from other platforms.

Gameplay Settings for The Finals

Use Enemy Team ColorsOff
Matchmaking RegionYour Region

When it comes to crosshair customization, visibility is crucial. Here’s what we suggest for maximum efficiency:

Crosshair Settings for The Finals

Outline Width1
Red Outline0
Green Outline0
Blue Outline0
Center DotOn
Center Dot Radius1

These settings help keep your crosshair visible in various environments, ensuring you can aim with confidence and accuracy.

With these optimized settings for The Finals Open Beta, your PC is now a finely tuned machine ready for competitive play. Remember, while these settings provide a strong baseline, you should always tweak them to fit your personal preferences and hardware capabilities.

Now, gear up, adjust your settings, and step into the arena with confidence. It’s time to claim your place at the top of the leaderboard!

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