New Game Mode in The Finals, Terminal Attack, Revealed and Explained

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

Embark Studios just revealed the brand new game mode that will be added with the next chapter of Season 2. The trailer for the new game mode dropped on April 29, and we can’t wait for its release on May 2. Called Terminal Attack, the mode will diverge from other modes in the game, bringing new changes to the rules. Following is all we know at the moment about the newest game mode in The Finals

Everything We Know About Terminal Atack Game Mode

Terminal Attack is a brand new game mode that will be added to The Finals with the launch of Season 2. This new game mode uses the ‘attack & defend’ system of play, which involves two teams of five players each. The attacking team has to deposit the Decryption Key into a Terminal. Meanwhile, the second team is assigned to protect it.

The Terminal in question is represented as a classic arcade machine in the game. Fortifying the Terminal room should be the first priority for the defenders. But remember – everything in The Finals can be destroyed. That will put extra pressure on the defending side, and potentially open new avenues for the attackers.

A match of Terminal Attack is played in a best-of-seven rounds format. However, there are some changes and restrictions compared to other modes in The Finals. Every contestant has only one life in a round of Terminal Attack, and there is no healing or reviving. Players will have to adapt quickly to permanent death (per round) in this mode and play more tactically to win.

Future Potential for Terminal Attack in The Finals

Although the trailer for the mode showcased the gameplay on the SYS$HORIZON arena map, hopefully, other maps will be added as well. This is the first mode in the game with restrictions on life and healing. With that, it will be interesting to see how this changes the game’s dynamics. Moreover, since this change mostly influences the Medium Build, we might see other restrictions implemented for other Builds in the future.  

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