The Finals: Is XP-54 a Better Weapon for Light Build than M11

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

Ever since The Finals released, players have debated is XP-54 better than M11 for the Light Build. This debate is as old as AKM vs FCAR. These two submachine guns are great additions to Light Build’s arsenal of weapons. Nevertheless, M11 is a starting weapon for Light Build, while to get XP-54 you will have to spend some in-game currency. This begs the question is XP-54 better than M11 in The Finals?  

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The Finals: M11 vs XP-54 – Which is Better?

Before we make the final verdict on this matter, we must take into account the strengths and weaknesses of both weapons. Furthermore, we must consider how each weapon performs in different situations during the game. Only then will we be able to make the final decision on whether XP-54 is a better weapon for the Light Build than M11. 

The M11

Screenshot of M11 in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Let’s start with M11 since that is the weapon you get for free with the Light Build. A large magazine capacity in combination with a high fire rate makes the M11 a brutal close-quarters gun. It is best used for hit-and-run tactics and in tight spaces, like rooms and corridors. At close range, due to the M11’s fire rate, it can easily out-damage other weapons.

That means you’ll be able to make short work of other Light and Medium Builds. Nevertheless, the greatest weakness of M11 is at ranges other than close. It can do a little bit of damage at medium range, but is practically useless at long range. There’s also its massive recoil, which makes it almost impossible to control at longer ranges. 

The XP-54

Screenshot of XP-54 in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

On the other hand, XP-54 has a smaller magazine size and slower fire rate compared to M11. However, the XP-54 compensates with lighter recoil, better damage, and greater accuracy at long ranges. It also comes with a lower fire rate that makes the gun easier to handle while aiming down sights. In turn, that makes the XP-54 much more reliable and effective at all ranges compared to the M11. 

M11 vs XP-54 – Final Verdict

As seen above, both weapons are great choices for the Light Build. Moreover, if you are just starting The Finals, the M11 is a good way to get comfortable with the Light Build’s playstyle. Unfortunately, although the M11 is a great weapon at close range, the XP-54 is overall a better weapon for the Light Build. It is more reliable and precise at long ranges, giving you more versatility and better options to engage. 

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