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The Finals is a great new arena shooter from Embark Studios. Taking place in a virtual televised show, the contestants are paired in teams of three. These teams are competing to be the team with the most money when the round ends. Nevertheless, if you are not looking great while you are destroying your enemies, then what is the point? Luckily, everything in the game can be changed with cosmetics, from the look of your build model to the weapons you are using. Read on and find out how to get cosmetics in The Finals and look great while winning.

How to obtain cosmetics in The Finals

To get cosmetics in The Finals, you must use Multibucks, which is real-life money converted to game credits. The basic conversion rate is $1 for 100 Multibucks, and the conversion changes the more money you spend. This means that for $4.99 you will get 500 Multibucks, but if you buy Multibucks for $19.99 you will get 2400.

Now that you have some credits to spend, you can enter the Store in the game’s main menu. Alternatively, you can go to the Contestants option in the game’s menu, and once there, you can pick a character you want to customize and click Edit. This will bring you to Edit Mode, where you’ll find different tabs in the top-left corner. These tabs are used to customise your player avatar. Everything that you can purchase in-game can be done here.

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What are the cosmetics in The Finals?

The Finals, like its many contemporary games, offers you an option of customizing your player model in-game. Every cosmetic item in the game is available in four rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Keep in mind that you will not be able to buy all cosmetics with Multibucks. Some cosmetics can only be earned by playing the game. Additionally, the Battle Pass also offers some unique cosmetic upgrades. Most notably, however, cosmetics are purely aesthetic upgrades and they do not influence the gameplay in any way. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all cosmetic options in The Finals.


Expressions contain Emotes and Gestures that allow you to customize movements and stances your build uses before, during and after the match. These include various gestures and movements inspired by pop culture.


Styles is the most broad category in the game. It allows you to customize every little thing on your player avatar. This includes outfits, headwear, badges, and everything down to shoes, can be found and changed with Styles.   

Weapon Skins 

Some weapon skins change the entire model of the gun, but they mainly add colourful patterns to the weapon. Currently, all weapons in the game have skins that you can only get by playing matches with selected weapons. Also, there are unique Battle Pass skins, while other skins can be bought normally. There are also charms and stickers that you can add to weapons to make them unique.

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