7 Best Tips to Get More Wins in The Finals

Best Tips to Get More Wins in The Finals

For those dedicated to climbing the ranks in The Finals, especially those aiming for Diamond status, success is within reach without sacrificing your work-life balance. Here are seven best tips to enhance your gameplay and rack up more wins.

Top 7 Strategies for Securing More Victories in The Finals

Unlock your winning potential in The Finals with these essential strategies, designed to guide you to more frequent and impactful victories in the game:

1. Choose the Right Team Composition

Understanding team compositions is crucial. Here are three effective comps to consider:

  • Comp 1: Three Mediums, with two heals, and one turret or all heals. This comp is straightforward but requires precision in shooting.
  • Comp 2: One Heavy with Mesh Shield and two Mediums with Heal. This setup lets the Heavy lead attacks while Mediums provide support and long-range fire.
  • Comp 3: One of each class, with the Medium taking heal and the Heavy taking shield. This more balanced but challenging approach requires excellent positioning and teamwork.

2. Understand the Game’s Mechanics

Remember, kills don’t matter as much as objectives. Focusing on cashouts is key to winning. Also, while vaults can offer opportunities, they aren’t always crucial.

3. Adjust Your Settings

Enable ‘Use enemy team colors’ in the settings for better visual clarity during matches.

4. Weapon Rankings

Each weapon has its strengths, and here’s my subjective ranking for each class’s arsenal:

  • Medium Weapons: AKM and FCAR rank highest for their reliability.
  • Heavy Weapons: The Shotgun and Lewis Gun are top choices.
  • Light Weapons: The Pistol and Uzi lead the pack for effectiveness.

5. Strategize on Cash Outs

Setting up defenses around cash outs is critical. Think about environmental tactics like blowing up floors or setting traps. Positioning is key to defending successfully.

6. Play Smart, Not Hard

Avoid needless chases and focus on team play. Wiping out teams early doesn’t always translate to later success. Strategic positioning and knowing when to engage are vital.

7. Manage Revives and Respawns Wisely

Be cautious with revives. Consider whether a revive is worth the risk if your teammate has multiple tokens. As the match progresses, avoiding team wipes becomes increasingly important.

Based on personal experience and strategic analysis, these tips can significantly improve your chances of climbing the ranks in The Finals. Remember, it’s not about playing more; it’s about playing smarter. Good luck, and see you in the arena!

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