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Are you wondering what are all the classes in the game The Finals? Or you have not had a chance to play the beta test of the game. Don’t fret, we are here to help. Continue reading and together we will find out all there is to know about three distinct classes in The Finals and get you ready for the game release.

Embark Studios’ new game The Finals is an online multiplayer arena-style shooter. The game puts players together in teams of three and lets them battle other teams on destructible maps. There is only one goal – be the richest team when the timer runs out.

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All Classes in The Finals

There are three classes in The Finals. They are Light Bulid, Medium Build, and Heavy Build. Every class comes with unique abilities. We will take a closer look at all three in the text below.

Light Build

The specialist in close-quarters combat and sniping. The Light build has the least amount of health points (150) of all three classes. But it is the fastest of all three and can utilize stealth. This is further reflected in their special ability. The Light Build starts with the Grappling Hook ability and can unlock two more.

  • Grappling Hook ability allows players to launch a rope with a hook for easy terrain traversal, scaling buildings, or a quick escape from combat. 
  • Evasive Dash gives a dash ability for closing distances or dodging out of dangerous situations.
  • Cloaking Device temporarily makes the player very hard to see while moving and gives complete invisibility while standing still.

Medium Build

The balanced option of the three and a supporter in a team. This build feels at home in close and medium-range combat. And with 250 health points, it can survive longer in an open firefight. This build starts with Healing Beam and has two more unlock options.

  • Healing Beam allows players to heal their teammates from a short distance.
  • Guardian Turret places a turret that will attack any enemy that comes into its line of sight.
  • Recon Senses when activated makes enemies visible through walls for a short duration. 

Heavy Build

The master of defense and demolition, this build is the slowest of the three but has the largest health points pool of 325. This build is the biggest model of all classes. However, don’t be fooled by its size. Heavy comes with some amazing abilities, and the starting one is Charge ‘n’ Slam. As before there are also two unlockables.

  • Charge ‘n’ Slam allows players to charge through walls and obstacles, and can also damage enemies.
  • Goo Gun is a special gadget that only Heavy can use. It fires Goo that the player can use to fortify areas and objectives or create a platform to reach higher places.
  • Mash Shield allows players to project a shield in front of them blocking enemy fire. Heavy cannot use other weapons or gadgets while the shield is active, but teammates can fire through the shield.

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