7 Best Specializations in The Finals

Perfect Aim in The Finals

Since its release, The Finals has been gaining in popularity among gamers. This new and exciting arena shooter places gamers in a virtual televised show in which they compete in game modes reminiscent of the old Capture the Flag. To this end, you have a choice of various weapons and gadgets that every Build in The Finals offers. In addition to this, every Build has its unique Specializations. Read on and find out what are the seven best Specializations in The Finals.

Top 7 Best Specializations in The Finals

Without a doubt, every Build in The Finals has its unique Specialization, and all are useful in the game. Keep in mind that you can use only one Specialization at any given time. In the following list, you will find our picks for the seven best Specializations in The Finals.

7. Grappling Hook

Screenshot of Grappling Hook in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

This Light Build Specialization gives its users a fast and easy way of moving around the map. The Grappling Hook can attach to almost any surface allowing you to reach high places or to move away from danger at great speed. This is one of the specializations that seems easy to use, but is hard to master. 

6. Charge ‘N’ Slam

Screenshot of Charge 'N' Slam in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

If you like Charging through obstacles like they are nothing this might be the Specialization for you. Charge ‘N’ Slam, makes a human wrecking ball out of the Heavy Build, capable of moving through all sorts of walls and obstacles. Meanwhile, opponents that get caught in your charge will take a significant amount of damage.

5. Guardian Turret 

Screenshot of Guardian Turret in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

This deployable turret for the Medium Build is great for area control and defending objectives around the map. The Guardian Turret is capable of dealing high amounts of damage, but its downsides are its limited line-of-site and slow rotation. Meaning that effective use is very dependable on the placement. Luckily, Guardian Turret can be placed on almost every surface on the map, allowing you to be very creative in its use.

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4. Healing Beam

Screenshot of Healing Beam in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The starting Specialization for the Medium Build is the best tool to keep your team alive for longer during fights. The Healing Beam has an effective range of 15m and you will have to have line-of-sight. For ease of use, it also has a self-snaping feature. It bears saying that combining the Healing Beam with teammates with high health counts, like Heavy, can be a brutal combination. This specialization might seem too strong, but remember that while you are using the Healing Beam you are defensless.

3. Mesh Shield

Screenshot of Mash Shield in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Mash Shield creates a barrier in front of the Heavy Build, protecting the user and everyone close to him from direct fire. This protection is only for incoming fire, meaning that you can shoot through friendly Mash Shield freely. While the shield is active, you can move and turn it in the direction you are facing, but cannot perform any other action. Additionally, the Mash Shield will go down after it takes a critical amount of damage or is hit with Glitch Grenade’s effect.

2. Recon Senses

Screenshot of Recon Senses in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Reacon Senses allows Medium Build to see through walls, smoke and other obstacles. Using Recon Senses will also show you opponents who are using a Cloaking Device and under the effect of a Vanishing Bomb. This makes Recon Senses one of the best specializations in the game. While using this you should remember to communicate the location of enemies to your team, so that you can more easily eliminate your opponents.

1. Cloaking Device

Screenshot of Cloaking Device in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Having the ability to disappear completely can be a great advantage in FPS games. This is the best specialization for the Light Build. Combining the Clocking Device with other Light Build exclusive gadgets and weapons can make you into a complete nightmare for your opponents. Just keep in mind that this specialization has a unique sound cue when you enter or exit stealth.    

Those were the best Specializations in The Finals, and for more information on the game, check ou our other articles, like The Best Weapons for Each Class in The Finals, 7 Best Gadgets in The Finals, and How to Change Your Name in The Finals.


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