Monopoly GO! Codes (April 2024) – Extra Dice Rolls

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Are you looking for free codes to redeem for Monopoly GO? You’ve come to the right place.

Monopoly GO! is a new take on the classic Monopoly game. This time it is a mobile game, where you roll dice and move on the board to purchase landmarks and make even more money. You can also take money from other players, as the game is connected via Facebook.

To help players progress in the mobile game, the developer, Scopely, offers Monopoly GO! codes that grant players free rewards such as free Dice rolls. These rewards can be used to get more cash to purchase upgrades and other items in the store. With our list of codes, players can take advantage of these freebies and gain a head start in creating their financial empire.

All King’s Throne Codes List

Updated April 01, 2024

Monopoly GO! Codes (Working)

Monopoly GO! Codes (Expired)

These Monopoly GO! codes are expired:

Monopoly GO! FAQ, Answered

Here is everything we know about Monopoly GO! codes.

What Are Monopoly GO! Codes?

Monopoly GO! codes are unique codes developers Scopely release to give players free in-game rewards. These codes are a great way to level up and acquire resources without spending your cash in-game. You can expect dozens of gift codes as the game goes on.

How to Redeem Monopoly GO! Codes

Follow the steps below to redeem codes in King’s Throne:

  • Launch Monopoly GO!.
  • Reach Level 15 to unlock the Albums option.
  • Tap on the link in the article.
  • It will ask you if you want to open it in Monopoly GO!
  • Agree to this and you should receive a message that you claimed a gift.
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How to Get More Monopoly GO! Codes?

To stay updated on new Monopoly GO! codes, you can check out the game’s official social media accounts, including Facebook, Reddit, and the official Discord server.

Additionally, you can bookmark this page and regularly check for updates to the code list. Developers usually publish new codes for special events, collaborations, game milestones, and other significant occasions.

Why Are My Monopoly GO! Codes Not Working?

Monopoly GO! codes are unique and have expiration dates. The developer determines how long each code remains active, and some may expire faster than others. If a code is not working for you, double-check for spelling errors, ensure it is active, or check if it is an expired code. Bookmarking this page and checking back often can help you stay up-to-date on active codes. If you notice an invalid code, let us know, and we’ll verify and update the list accordingly.

Are There Any Requirements to Redeem Monopoly GO! Codes?

To redeem Monopoly GO! codes, you must have progressed far enough in the game to reach Level 15 to use them. There are no other requirements to redeem codes, but it’s important to note that each code can only be used once per account.

What is Monopoly GO?

It is a game where you earn Monopoly money, and interact with your friends, family members, and fellow Tycoons from around the world as you explore the expanding universe of Monopoly GO! It’s the new way to play where you will escape, enjoy, dream, and scheme. Let everyone’s favorite zillionaire, Mr. Monopoly, be your guide as you explore new boards themed after world-famous cities, fantastical lands, and imaginative locales.

Experience classic fun and visuals with gameplay fit for your phone, as you collect Properties, build Houses and Hotels, pull Chance Cards, and of course, earn that Monopoly money. Play with your favorite game Tokens such as the Racecar, Top Hat, Battleship, and more. 

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