Art of Conquest Codes (October 2023) – All Active Codes

Promotional artwork for Art of Conquest

Art of Conquest is an enthralling strategy game that combines elements of real-time strategy, city-building, and role-playing. Players embark on an epic journey through a vast open world filled with diverse factions, powerful heroes, and challenging battles to expand their empire and bring peace to the land.

By using Art of Conquest codes, players can acquire various in-game rewards such as Linari, resources, and speed-ups. These rewards are essential for expanding your empire, upgrading your heroes, and gaining a competitive edge in the game.

All Art of Conquest Codes List

Updated October 13, 2023

Added new codes!

Art of Conquest Codes (Working)

Here are all working codes for Art of Conquest. Redeem these codes for linari, crystals and other exclusive rewards.

  • 6r6vst3ck6
  • 6rdf46asd6
  • 6rf67u4yss
  • 6rj9qkcrec
  • 6rnqgvh8jf
  • 6rt6nj8dyp
  • 6rtvzrhtr6
  • AOC202302
  • Aoc2023hny
  • AOC666
  • tc742kuues
  • tcqger49pb
  • tcqky7jndf
  • tcvcac5txa
  • tcyaaf66mn
  • tczd5s8uhk
  • tczvvbaqub
  • ts2amj7uv9
  • ts3j5ieteb
  • ts8ssy5bpi
  • tscxirby8g
  • tsipqumkk3
  • tspzum73v2
  • tsrf4e3dqg
  • tsunkq4adw
  • tsvdu7bzuv

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Art of Conquest Codes (Expired)

These Art of Conquest codes are expired.

  • h68qsnr682 
  • h69kp9g2rp 
  • h6ei6kuj5i 
  • h6m4wm5k3r 
  • happybd888 
  • ie6mg93g8x
  • ieaxfnaeq2 
  • iebqa4a2cv 
  • iecm988snq
  • ief85cpdq3 
  • iegwi7cg5q 
  • ieku5hz2zh 
  • iem474ch2i 
  • ieqrn7cf9e 
  • inrmu6xckj 
  • jr38m2wjit 
  • js36hn8p9k 
  • jsfrjqu9xc 
  • jsmr2b7qkb 
  • Jyjy6666 
  • jyjy8888 
  • k3a7qsck3x 
  • mf455437cn 
  • mf9h8hu8gp 
  • mffwp3y34b
  • mfgf5q9hff 
  • mfxyxiwfqf
  • pa85yanprv 
  • pa93n59wyy 
  • pafa2nv3mp
  • pamigtfgbm
  • panwpbdhrs 
  • papsf957gk 
  • papymz53fm 
  • payivg5rdx 
  • q35dug853d 
  • q374ejvgje 
  • q3nezk9dtw 
  • q3pq62cgdc 
  • qfzs6666 
  • qfzs8888 
  • r24awcnn98 
  • r24trjgj2v 
  • r2cmst44a7 
  • r2grdj767t 
  • r2k8hsnagu 
  • r2nbf52t4c 
  • r2vbxm7pxd 
  • r2xrd2vuzd 
  • rpbrpcakr3 
  • rpeh9sd7w 
  • rpeh9sd7ws 
  • rpjm8j7y4v 
  • rppftii4z2 
  • rptncees5p 
  • SQJL222 
  • SQJL333 
  • SQJL666 
  • SQJL888 
  • SQJL999 
  • tcjtmjth24 
  • tctbxgmduu 
  • zcgpfh875c 
  • zcwjtyn66m 

Art of Conquest Codes Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything we know about Art of Conquest codes.

What Are Art of Conquest Codes?

Art of Conquest codes are special combinations of letters and numbers that players can redeem within the game for exclusive rewards. These codes are typically released by the game’s developers on social media, forums, and partner websites during events, promotions, or celebrations.

How To Redeem Art of Conquest Codes

Follow the steps below to redeem codes in Art of Conquest:

Image showing the codes redemption process for Art of Conquest
Image by N4G Unlocked
  • Launch Art of Conquest and tap on your avatar in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Options menu.
  • Scroll down to find the Redeem option.
  • Enter the valid code in the designated field and tap on Confirm to claim your rewards.

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Why Do Art of Conquest Say “Invalid Code”?

If you encounter an “Invalid Code” message when attempting to redeem an Art of Conquest code, it could be due to several reasons. The code might be expired, already used, entered incorrectly, or not applicable to your region. To resolve this, verify the code’s validity and accuracy before trying to redeem it again.

What is Linari?

Linari is the premium currency in Art of Conquest, which can be used to purchase various in-game items, speed up construction and research, and recruit powerful heroes. Players can obtain Linari by participating in events, completing quests, or redeeming codes.

How Often Does Art of Conquest Get Codes?

The frequency of Art of Conquest code updates depends on the developers’ plans for events, promotions, or celebrations. To stay updated on the latest codes, players should follow the game’s official social media channels, forums, and other online platforms.

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