What is the Alien Invasion in The Finals

An image of the Alien Invasion event in The Finals.

If you are looking for an explanation of what the Alien Invasion is in The Finals, stick with us and we will explain all there is on this matter.  The Finals entered the FPS space quietly, but very quickly the game have risen in popularity among the shooter crowd. This is due to the game’s unique twist on the classic arena shooter genre. In addition to this, modern concepts of different builds with unique powers, gadgets and weapons make for quite a unique experience.

In addition to this, the game takes place in a virtual televised arena, allowing developers the freedom to implement things that are uncommon in other modern shooters.  Among these are random events that can take place during a match. These events change the game in some way and some can influence the gameplay itself. One such event is the Alien Invasion.  

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The Alien Invasion Event Explained

Alien Invasion is one of many random events that can happen during a match in The Finals. Keep in mind that in The Finals random events happen in the second half of the match. This means that you might not see a random event if a match ends before reaching the half-time mark. During the Alien Invasion event, spooky alien music will play in the background as UFOs appear and move to hover over objectives. Additionally, after a few seconds flying saucers will tear up everything beneath them with lasers and tractor beams. This will impact the terrain around the map but is not as punishing to players directly. That’s unlike the Orbital Laser event that targets and damages the contestants directly. Just to be on the safe side do not be near the objective when lasers start to fire.

This was Alien Invasion in The Finals explained, and if you are looking for more information on the game check out other articles from our team like How to fix Error Code tfla0003 in The Finals, Top 7 Best Guns in The Finals, and Is there SBMM in The Finals.


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