7 Best Gadgets in The Finals

Skyway Stadium map in The Finals

The Finals have been the talk of the gaming community even before its release. The game offers you a new and polished gameplay reminiscent of old arena shooters. It comes with three unique Builds that all come with different weapon and gadget options. There we come to the fun part, building a perfect combination of specialization, gear and weapons is one of the charms of this game. But what are the best gadgets you can use in the game? Read on and find out what are the seven best gadgets in The Finals.

Top 7 Best Gadgets in The Finals

There are many great gadgets that players can use with different Builds in The Finals. Meaning that every gadget in the game has its purpose and use. In the following, you will find our picks for the seven best gadgets you can use in The Finals. 

7. RPG-7

Screenshot of RPG-7 in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The primary strength of this gadget lies in its devastating damage – your enemies or the environment aren’t safe from it. A direct hit from RPG-7 will easily neutralise Light Build players, and the explosion can also remove multiple mines. This is an exclusive Heavy build gadget and is a great addition to its already devastating arsenal.

6. Defibrillator

Screenshot of Defibrillator in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Being one of the starting gadgets for Medium Build, the Defibrillator can be used to quickly revive your teammate. Moreover, using this gadget will save you a great amount of time and bringing your teammate quickly back into the fight can mean a difference between winning and losing. Keep in mind that the Defibrillator revives players to 40% of their maximum health so combining this with the Healing Beam specialization can be very strong.

5. C4

Screenshot of C4 in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

C4 is a strong explosive charge that can be used to breach walls, ceilings and floors. This gadget is exclusive to Heavy Build, and you can easily take down entire buildings with it. Meaning that this is a great tool for creating openings for your team. Another way to use C4 is to attach it to a throwable item in the game, like different canisters that can be found around the map. After throwing this canister you can detonate the C4 to deal a massive amount of damage.

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4. Stun Gun

Screenshot of Stun Gun in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Being hit with the Stun Gun will stop any current action you are taking. These include reviving a teammate, stealing a cashout, carrying objects, and currently active ability. Moreover, for a short amount of time, you will be unable to reload a weapon or use gadgets and abilities, and your movement speed will be drastically reduced. Indeed this Light Builds exclusive gadget will make your opponent an easy target. Just keep in mind that a Stun Gun has a short range, and it affects only one target so having an exit strategy is highly encouraged. 

3. Dome Shield

Screenshot of Dome Shield in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Heavy Build’s Dome Shield, once deployed, offers spherical all-around protection from enemy fire. Once you throw the Dome Shield it cannot be moved, and if you exit its radius you will not be protected. Taking into account that Dome Shield protects from incoming fire, you can still shoot from inside the dome normally. 

2. APS Turret 

Screenshot of APS Turret in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

After being placed, this Medium Build exclusive gadget will destroy any throwables deployed in its radius. APS Turret will stay in place until the turret owner picks it up or it gets destroyed. Its only weakness is its limited range, so placing it in safe spaces and playing to protect the APS Turret is something you will have to muster. Moreover, this is one of the best defensive gadgets that you can take as a Medium Build. 

1. Glitch Grenade

Screenshot of Glitch Grenade in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Glitch Grenade is only available for the Light Build and it is the best gadget in the game. Every opponent caught in the radius when the grenade explodes will not be able to use their gadgets and specializations for a short amount of time. In addition, Glitch Grenade will cancel any utility in the radius that was already in use, such as Healing Beam or Cloaking Device. Moreover, the only current counter to Glitch Grenade is the APS Turret. 

These were the best 7 gadgets in The Finals, and for more information about the game check out our other articles on The Finals Patch Notes, How to Fix the Game Not Launching Error, and Best ways to use SH1900 in The Finals.


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