How to set up your crosshair in The Finals

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Crosshair is one small but crucial part of every FPS game. This is especially true in The Finals, where every second is filled with exciting firefights, explosions, and destructible terrain flying everywhere. In all this chaos it is good to have something you can focus on, this is where the crosshair comes in. In this guide, you will find how to set up your crosshair, and the best crosshair to use in the Finals. 

How to change crosshair in The Finals?

To change crosshair in The Finals, firstly you need to enter Settings, and by scrolling a bit down you will find the Crosshair sub-section. Here you can find all the parameters you can change to adjust the crosshair. Color, width, and outline can all be changed, removed, or added to in these settings. Many of these things should be up to your personal preference, and with little experimentation you can find the crosshair that fits you best.

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What is the best crosshair in The Finals?

Small Crosshair offers a great balance between visibility and aim in The Finals. There is a limit to how small the crosshair can be in the game. Color is very important for the crosshair and it is up to the personal preference on what color is best for you. One of the most important things for the color of the crosshair is to be distinguishable from the background. For example, the green color usually stands out the most in FPS games. 

Try using the following parameters for the best crosshair in The Finals:

  • Width – 1
  • Outline Width – 0 
  • Red – 0
  • Green – 255
  • Blue – 0
  • Red Outline – 0
  • Green Outline – 0
  • Blue Outline – 0
  • Center Dot – On
  • Center Dot Radius – 1
  • Opacity – 100

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