The Finals: Best weapon for Heavy build

Image of characters in the game The Finals

The Finals had its release during Game Awards 2023, and gamers jumped at the opportunity to play this new and exciting shooter. Combining arena-based gameplay with different build options, proved to be a winning mix for developers Embark Studios. Additionally, every build in the game comes with unique gadgets and weapon options. If you are looking for the best weapon for the Heavy build, you are in the right place. Every build in The Finals has many weapons you can unlock and use in-game. The Heavy build is no exception, with four different weapons there to unlock. Undoubtedly, every weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, but one weapon always stands out above the others. Read on to find out what is the best weapon for Heavy build in The Finals. 

Best weapon for Heavy build in The Finals

Screenshot of Lewis Gun in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Currently, the best weapon for the Heavy build in The Finals is the Lewis Gun. Although this LMG has a lower fire rate compared to the M60, it compensates for this with great damage output and accuracy. Having a lower fire rate makes this gun easier to use while aiming down sights. The Lewis Gun is the best weapon Heavy build can take, and in combination with Mesh Shield and gadgets at Heavy’s disposal can be a real nightmare for your opponents.

Mesh Shield and Dome Shield provide Heavy with additional health that their enemies need to get through. Especially Dome Shield, once deployed, frees you to deal damage to your enemies while they are struggling to get through 300 extra health. Additionally, RPG -7 is a must-pick gadget for Heavy. This devastating weapon does 150 damage and it can be used to bypass cover and level buildings. Moreover, once you fire an RPG-7 game will automatically switch you to Lewis Gun. Meaning that you can easily pick off anyone who survived.

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