How to fix Error Code tfla0004 in The Finals

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The Finals is an exciting new arena shooter from Embark Studios. The game offers players a plethora of options from different classes, to various weapon and gadgets options. Along with several game modes that take place in arenas filled with destructible terrain. If you are one of the millions of players participating in the game, but your enjoyment was suddenly cut short with Error Code tfla0004, continue reading and we will explain what Error Code tfla0004 is and what you can do to fix it.  

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All steps to Fix Error Code tfla0004 in The Finals?

If you have encountered Error Code tfla0004 in The Finals that may mean that your account has been flagged as banned. In case of a false positive, there are ways you can try to fix this before contacting player support.

Restart your PC

This is a simple but effective solution to many problems. In some cases account ban errors might occur as a temporary bug in-game, meaning that restarting your PC and relaunching the game might resolve this issue. 

Disable and unplug controllers 

Among things that the anti-cheat system perceives as cheats is simultaneous input from the controller and keyboard. Make sure that your controllers are unplugged and disabled even if you are not using them. Removing conflicting input devices may resolve this issue.   

Contact Player Support

In case nothing else worked, follow these steps to contact player support and appeal the account ban:

  • Go to the official site for The Finals, and locate Player Support at the bottom of the page.
  • There in the right bottom corner click on the Red Chat Bubble.  
  • Choose the Appeal Ban or Restriction option. 
  • Out of the options offered select No, I need to talk to someone.
  • Enter your name and email address.
  • Select Error message appeared saying the account is banned.
  • Upload a screenshot of the error message (this is optional). 
  • Confirm the necessary details for the restricted account.
  • Submit this form and wait for a response from The Finals Support team.

What is Error Code tfla0004?

A temporary account ban or Error Code tfla0004 in The Finals, is usually caused by a breach of the game rules. Moreover, if you have encountered this error it is important to understand why that occurred. An account ban is issued if a player is suspected of cheating, but in some rare cases, it might be a server error. Indeed whatever the case might be, there are ways explained above to fix and appeal the account ban.     

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