Best ways to use the Flamethrower in The Finals

Image of a character in the game The Finals

The Finals have been released shortly after its Open Beta test, to the excitement of FPS connoisseurs around the world. Modernizing the classic arena shooter with objective-oriented gameplay, and customizable contestants. Additionally, the game offers a variety of weapons for different Builds in the game, and the Flamethrower is one such weapon. If you are looking for the best ways to use the Flamethrower in The Finals, read on to learn more.

The Finals Best ways to use Flamethrower

image of Flamethrower i The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The Flamethrower is the Heavy Build’s short-range weapon option. While damage from this weapon might seem to be moderate, the continuous application can become lethal rather quickly. Additionally, attacks from this weapon can affect multiple opponents. Most importantly, you will not have to be a good shot to make the best use of this weapon. The only weakness of this weapon is its short range. Due to all of this, the Flamethrower is best used in close-quarter fights, where its devastating potential can truly be unleashed. 

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The Best Build for Flamethrower in The Finals

  • Weapon: Flamethrower
  • Specialization: Mesh Shield
  • Gadgets: RPG-7, C4, Dome Shield

Taking into consideration that a Flamethrower is a close-range weapon, the best build for it is the one that gives you plenty of survivability to get you close to your opponents. To this end, Mash Shield is your best choice for specialization. Activating a Mash Shield will bring up a barrier in front of you that can soak a great amount of incoming damage. This allows you to advance on your opponents unharmed.  

Additionally, the build should also give you plenty of range capabilities. Heavy Build has some of the best ranged gadget options when it comes to dealing damage. Besides being able to down a Light Build in one shot, RPG-7 deals a great amount of damage to the other two Builds as well. Along with C4, RPG-7 is a great tool for destroying obstacles and walls in your way. Furthermore, C4 be used in combination with throwables that can be found around the map for additional ranged damage potential.

Finally, the Dome Shield is a great gadget for protecting important objectives. Simply deploy the shield around Cash Out points to be protected from enemy fire, and use the Flamethrower to melt anyone that enters the sphere. Additionally, you can deploy the Dome Shield to protect yourself while you are recharging the Mesh Shield.  

This was the best way to use the Flamethrower in The Finals. To read more about The Finals, check out other articles from our team on 7 Best Tips to Get More Wins in The Finals, How to fix the “System Integrity Violation” Error in The Finals, and 7 Best Specializations in The Finals.


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