Best ways to use the APS Turret in The Finals

Skyway Stadium map in The Finals

The Finals offer players different Builds all with unique weapons, gadgets and specializations. Obviously, all these options allow for different builds depending on what playstyle you are going for in a specific match. Additionally, if you need to play defensively there is no better gadget you can take than Medium Build APS Turret. Read on and find out what is the best way to use APS Turret in The Finals.   

The Finals: Best way to use APS Turret

Screenshot of APS Turret in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Besides being an exclusive gadget for the Medium Build, the APS Turret is a powerful defensive tool. Once deployed this gadget will destroy any projectile that enters its area of effect. This makes it a great tool against all sorts of grenades and other throwables found around the map. Keep in mind that APS Turret can be destroyed, so placing it in protected spots would be a good plan. Additionally, you can pick up the turret to shorten its cooldown for redeployment.

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The Best Build for APS Turret in The Finals

  • Weapon: FCAR or Model 1887 
  • Specialization: Guardian Turret
  • Gadgets: APS Turret, Gas Mine, Defibrillator 

Being that the APS turret is a defensive gadget, the best build around it is one that focuses on defence and objective holding. Since the Medium Build is centred on gadgets rather than weapons, two stand out here. On one hand, FCAR is one of the best choices Medium Build has. On the other Model 1887 is a brutal and devastating option for close-range. This being said, leaving one of these weapons in a reserved loadout might be a good choice.

Unquestionably the best specialization you can take with the APS Turret is the Guardian Turret. Combining these two turrets will create highly defensive positions while allowing one turret to protect the other. In addition to this, the Gas Mine will repel any enemy brave enough to come close. Furthermore, combining all this to protect the objective will make it very hard for your opponents to contest it. 

Unlike all other items in this build, Defibrillator has no initial value for defence. Nevertheless, it is one of the best gadgets Medium Build has and the ability to return your allies in an instant can change the outcome of a fight.   

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