Best ways to make a Nuke in The Finals

Crafty Player Makes Devastating Nuke in The Finals

If you are looking for the best ways to make Nuke in The Finals, we are here to help. Nuke in The Finals refers to a combination of an arena carriable with gadgets that do massive damage on impact. Because Season 2 of The Finals nerfed some of its components, there is no one best way to build a Nuke anymore. Continue reading and we will explain all about different arena throwables and gadgets you can combine to create Nukes after these changes, as well as the best way to build Nukes for every Build.

How to make Nuke in The Finals

To build a Nuke in The Finals you will need to combine an arena carriable with a gadget. Although many arena carriables only do 50 damage on a hit, like chairs and flowerpots, canisters on the other hand provide much more variety. 

The Green poison gas canister does not do damage when it explodes, but it has a 10-meter radius, lasts for 13 seconds and does 10 damage per second. This is good, but there are better options for the Nuke build. 

An Orange canister is the most deadly option for creating a nuke in The Finals. This is due to the orange canister’s damage on detonation and additional lingering damage per second. When an orange canister explodes it deals 100 damage, then leaves a 5-meter radius that burns for an additional 10 seconds.  

Lastly, we have the Red explosive canisters, which act differently from other arena carriables. Once thrown it will fly in a straight line like a rocket, thus differing from other arc trajectories. The Red canister explodes dealing 50 damage on a hit.     

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Best gadgets to make Nukes for each Build in The Finals

Every Build in the game has one or more gadgets in their arsenal that can create a Nuke. However, the Heavy Build is the king in this category with two such gadgets available. 

The Light Build has one gadget that can be used to create a Nuke and that is the Breach Charge. This gadget deals 199 damage when triggered. Combining Breach Charge with other arena carriables is the best way to create a Nuke with the Light Build. It works especially well when combined with Green and Orange canisters for extra damage.  

The Medium Build can use mines to add damage to arena carriables, especially the Explosive Mine. This gadget does 140 damage on explosion and stacking two mines on an Orange canister is the best choice here. This will make a Nuke that will do 380 damage on hit, erasing everyone it hits. One thing to keep in mind is that mines sometimes disappear when attached to arena carriables. There is no patch for this just yet, so keep this in mind when you create a Nuke.    

As mentioned before, the Heavy Build is the king of Nukes in The Finals. This Build has every advantage for this mechanic in the game. It has the furthest throwable range out of every build and has two gadgets for this purpose. They have access to explosive mines that we mentioned with Medium Build, as well as the previous best option for building Nukes, the C4. Being nefed with the latest patch, C4 now does 155 damage when detonated, and now you have only one charge. However, this is still a viable option for Nukes especially when combined with an Orange canister.   

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