The Finals: Best weapon for Medium build

Image of a firefigh in the game The Finals

Embark Studios’ exciting new shooter The Finals has intrigued the gaming community ever since the game was announced. The gameplay of The Finals is an amazing combination of classical arena shooters with modern staples like different character builds.¬†Standing in the middle of the pack, the Medium build is the best way for players to learn all the game modes and mechanics, along with the different weapons and gadgets every build offers. You might be wondering what is the best weapon for the Medium build in The Finals? AKM is a solid first weapon you can play in the game, but is it the best? Read on and find out what is the best weapon for Medium build in The Finals.

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Best weapon for Medium build in The Finals

The best weapon for the Medium build in The Finals is FCAR. This weapon is capable of accurately dealing a great amount of damage with a small recoil. Compared to AKM, FCAR has a shorter firing time and a smaller magazine. Additionally, FCAR deals a greater amount of damage than the AKM and is more accurate, making this the best mid-range rifle in the game. The only downside to this weapon is its small magazine size which leaves you vulnerable at short ranges. 

Screenshot of FCAR in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Luckily, the Medium build offers gadgets and specializations you can use to make short-range engagements very dangerous for your opponents. Playing around with the Guardian Turret specialization and APS Turret gadget in combination with FCAR can make for a dangerous defensive point. The Guardian Turret is capable of dealing devastating amounts of damage. Meanwhile, the APS Turret will deal with incoming projectiles for you. Additionally, you can use Gas Mines and Grenades to make sure that you are always fighting enemies at mid-range where FCAR reigns supreme.

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