Best ways to use MGL32 in The Finals

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

The Finals offers players a great deal of options when character customization is in question. That includes different Builds, all with unique specializations, gadgets and weapons that can all be used in primary and reserved loadout. In addition to classic FPS weapon options like rifles and shotguns, there are even some more destructive options. The Heavy Build, besides already being the master of demolition in the game, can take the MGL32 to give it even more damage. Undoubtedly, playing with a grenade launcher is great fun, and here is the best way to use MGL32 in The Finals. 

The Finals Best way to use MGL32

Screenshot of MGL32 in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Unlike other weapons, MGL32 fires an arcing grenade that will only explode after bouncing once. This means that even if it directly hits enemies and obstacles it will bounce instead of exploding on contact. Indeed, this makes MGL32 extremely useful when dealing with opponents who are taking cover behind obstacles or around corners. Keep in mind that due to the arc and slow projectile speed, MGL32 is not great in long-range engagements. 

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The Best build for MGL32 in The Finals

  • Weapon: MGL32
  • Specialization: Mesh Shield 
  • Gadgets: RPG-7, Goo Grenade, Barricade

Because the long range is a bit of a weak spot when using MGL32, taking an RPG-7 will help round out your build. Additionally, the destructive power of RPG-7 is always good to have. This gadget can erase Light Builds in one shot and bring down walls with ease. Furthermore taking Goo Grenade and Barricade will give you tools to create tight spaces. This can be used to easily bounce MGL32 projectiles and deal large amounts of damage to your opponents. Lastly, the Mesh Shield is a great specialization to protect yourself and your team from incoming fire.  

This was the best way to use MGL32 in The Finals. Additionally, if you are interested in reading more about the game, check out our other articles on Is The Finals a Battle Royale game, Best Stat Trackers for The Finals, and The Finals: Are there Esports.


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