Best maps in The Finals, ranked

Image of a firefigh in the game The Finals

When it comes to ranking the best maps in The Finals, there are many different criteria that we have to take into account. From how cool the map looks to how it influences the gameplay. Taking inspiration from real-life places, the design for every map is unique and each feels different from the others. With that said, everyone has their favourite map from the pool. This article ranks the best maps in The Finals in our opinion. 

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The Finals best maps ranked 

4 – Las Vegas

Vegas map in The Finals
Image by N4G Unlocked

Vegas is without a doubt the most vibrant and colorful map in the map pool. Its glamour and glitz is seen in every detail. The interiors are especially beautiful and are by far the best in the game. This makes Vegas one of the most interesting maps to play indoors. 

Unfortunately, when you step outside, the downsides of the map become painfully obvious. The map is very flat compared to other maps. Although the map has means of propelling to the roofs of casinos and hotels it sometimes feels pointless with the majority of action taking place in-doors. On the other hand, the Sandstorm variant of the map brings all the necessary improvements to the map, making this variant the best Vegas has to offer by far.  

3 – Seoul

Skyway Stadium map in The Finals
Image by N4G Unlocked

Set in the highrise of skyscrapers, Seoul is a literal dream for people who loved playing Mirror’s Edge. The map utilizes all means of traversal that the game has to offer. Ziplines, jump pads, and bridges can be found on every step to make your movement across the map easier. There is also a big sky bridge connecting two skyscrapers which is the location for one of the hidden achievements in the game.  

Sadly, this map traversal is one of the weakest parts of this map. Because the map is set high in the sky, one wrong step can send you falling to a certain death with no option to save yourself. Additionally, with the map being on the larger side, it sometimes feels that all the action is happening on the other side. 

2 – Monaco

Screenshot during a match in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The big cathedral in the middle of this map is one of the most iconic locations in The Finals. Monaco also offers tight cobblestone streets boxed in with buildings that offer unique opportunities for roof jumping. This makes the map an absolute dream come true for people who love quick map traversal. Additionally, not many things can compare with single-handedly bringing down the central cathedral on your enemies. 

Despite all of this, the map has its flaws too. For instance, all of the house interiors around the map feel the same. This isn’t helped by all in-door staircases being the same across the map. Additionally, almost the entire map is surrounded by a park area that does not have much use unless there is an objective there.  

1 – Skyway Stadium

Screenshot during a match in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

In our opinion, the best map in The Finals is Skyway Stadium. This map feels like a combination of all the good elements from the other maps. There are highrises, construction sites, office buildings, tightly packed streets, forested areas, and more. The map has a perfect blend of interior and outdoor spaces. 

This makes every play viable on this map – for example, if you want to play a Heavy demolishing buildings, you can. If you want to harass your enemies from the rooftops, that is an option too. The only criticism of the map is the same as for Monaco. as the indoor spaces on the one side of the map feel same and repetitive. 

This was ranking for the best maps in The Finals in our opinion, and if you are looking for more information on the game check out our other articles on The Finals: Best Melee weapons, Can you make Custom Games in The Finals, and How to Get Cosmetics in The Finals.


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