The Finals: Best Melee weapons, ranked

Screenshot of Sword in The Finals

The Finals offer players many unique weapon options which can be used to dispatch their enemies. Among these tools, every Build in the game has a melee option as well. But what are the best Melee weapons in The Finals? Stick with us and find out the pros and cons of every melee weapon in the game.

What are the best Melee weapons in The Finals?

4. Dagger

Screenshot of Dagger in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

This up-close and personal weapon is exclusive to the Light Build. While it’s the fastest melee weapon in the game, its primary fire does not deal plenty of damage. Contrary to that, the Dagger’s great potential comes in the form of secondary fire. Holding secondary fire and releasing it while being behind your enemy will score you a critical hit. This means that the damage that is applied is enough to one-shot Light and Medium Builds. 

Unlike other melee weapons, to use the Dagger efficiently you will have to exploit perfect moments to strike. With the Dagger, you have to be very precise in how you position your strikes. Luckily, the Light Build has a Cloaking Device specialization that is the perfect combination with the Dagger.

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3. Riot Shield

Screenshot of Riot Shield in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Riot Shield is an exclusive Medium Build melee weapon which provides its user with protection from incoming fire, along with offensive melee capabilities. Paired with a Riot Shield is a baton that can be used to deal a substantial amount of damage to your enemies. Being able to deal 84 damage in one swing is no laughing matter. 

On the other hand, using a guarded position will make you immune to almost all incoming damage. Even so, you are still vulnerable to flanking, and fire grenades and flamethrowers do full damage to you. This means that good team communication and coordination is a key to success. 

2. Sledgehammer

Screenshot of Sledgehammer in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

The Sledgehammer deals the greatest amount of damage out of all melee weapons in The Finals. This Heavy Build exclusive weapon can be used against opponents and the environment alike. Additionally, using this weapon with primary fire will allow you to hit more quickly for normal damage. Alternatively, using secondary fire will be much slower and it will deal massive amounts of damage. 

Unlike other melee weapons, the Sledgehammer can be used effectively to manipulate the environment in the arena. Indeed, with a couple of hits, you can break through walls making new openings or exits for your team. 

1. Sword

Screenshot of Sword in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Being a Light Build exclusive weapon, the Sword is the best melee weapon in The Finals. In contrast to other weapons, Sword’s primary attack will quickly slash in front of you dealing moderate damage. In addition to this Sword’s primary attack can hit multiple opponents. Whereas holding and releasing a secondary fire will lunge you a short distance forward dealing a high amount of damage. 

Similarly to other melee weapons, the Sword leaves its wielder vulnerable to attacks while not in close combat. Luckily the Light Build is the fastest in the game, so getting quickly into melee range should not be a problem. Additionally, all Light Build specializations are movement-oriented as well.   

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