The Finals: How to Counter Riot Shield?

Surging Popularity of The Finals

With the release of The Finals, many players have jumped into this great game from Embark Studios. Unquestionably the game offers great gameplay, combined with various weapons and gadget options. Nevertheless, there are always some options that become real obstacles to deal with. One such weapon is a Riot Shield option for Medium Build. This weapon makes the user feel like a fortress. Clearly, you will need something to deal with this problem. Read this guide to learn how to counter the Riot Shield in The Finals.     

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How to beat Riot Shield users in The Finals  

Players who use the Riot Shield have their legs exposed and their flanks and back are also vulnerable. Meaning, that in order to take them down you will have to approach this problem from all other angles except from the front. Let’s examine the best ways in which you can counter Riot Shield in The Finals.


Fire is the best way to deal with a Riot Shield. Especially the Pyro Grenade which every class has from the start. This grenade does 12 damage per second and leaves a burning area that lasts 10 seconds. Other sources of fire damage are also good options, but keep in mind that they are at this time all Heavy-class options. For example, the Flamethrower is great for dealing with a Riot Shield, or another option is Pyro Mine, but that needs a bit of manoeuvring and luck.  


A Riot Shield is pretty vulnerable against melee attacks. This means that all melee weapons have a bit of an advantage here. Weapons like Dagger and Sword for the Light build, the opposing Riot Shield for the Medium build, and a Sledgehammer for the Heavy build are all good options to deal with this problem. 


Explosives can be used with great effect against Riot Shields as well. Frag grenades are available to every class and are a good source of explosive damage. Heavy and Medium builds have other options for explosive damage like RPG and M32GL for Heavy, and CL-40 grenade launcher for Medium build.   


A great way to deal with someone invulnerable to damage that comes straight from the front is to flank them and deal damage from their side or back. This might sound obvious, but correct positioning and maneuvering around the target can put you in an advantageous position to deal with a Riot Shield.

What is the Riot Shield in The Finals?

The Riot Shield is one of the weapon options for the Medium Build class in The Finals. This combination of high defence and melee weapons is great for blocking incoming fire, allowing you to safely move towards objectives and enemies. The only downsides to this weapon are that your legs will be exposed while standing and you are still vulnerable to explosions and flanking. 

These were the best ways to deal with Riot Shields in The Finals. If you’re looking for more interesting articles about The Finals, read more guides from N4G Unlocked, like Top 7 Best Guns in The Finals, Is there SBMM in The Finals, and How to Fix the Game Not Launching Error.


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