The Finals: Best ways to use Charge ‘N’ Slam

Heavy Class Balance in The Finals

Along with various weapons and gadgets you can use in The Finals, there are plenty of specializations for all Builds to use. Undoubtedly, every specialization is unique and can be used to great advantage, with some being more fun and destructive than others. One such example is Charge ‘N’ Slam for the Heavy Build. So, if you are looking for the best ways you can use Charge ‘N’ Slam in The Finals you are at the right place. 

Best ways to use Charge ‘N’ Slam in The Finals

Charge ‘N’ Slam is easily one of the most satisfying specializations you can use in The Finals. Being able to charge through walls leaving a trail of destruction behind you is very satisfying gameplay. Moreover, you deal damage to every opponent you pass while charging. The first hit will deal 130 and every subsequent hit will do 50 damage. Additionally, Charge ‘N’ Slam can be used while you are airborne to land with substantial force. This will do damage in a radius around you depending on the distance you have traveled. 

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The Best Build for Charge ‘N’ Slam in The Finals

  • Weapon: SA1216 or Sledgehammer
  • Specialization: Charge ‘N’ Slam 
  • Gadgets: RPG-7, Dome Shield, C4

Because Charge ‘N’ Slam will quickly get you into fights, the best combination for this specialization is the SA1216. This semi-automatic shotgun has an impressive fire rate and a large magazine size that will obliterate everything at close range. On the other hand, taking Sledgehammer will make you into a literal wrecking ball.

Additionally, for long-range engagements and even more destruction, there are RPG-7 and C4. Besides being used to breach walls and tear down buildings, C4 can be attached to arena carriables for additional damage. On the other hand, RPG-7 deals considerable damage and can kill Light Builds in a single shot. 

Along with all the damage and destruction that you will bring to the arena, it is good to have something to protect yourself. And with Dome Shield, you will get just that. Besides giving you a protected place to reload and catch your breath, it can be used to safely revive teammates.

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