The Finals – How To Fix “Internal Anti-Cheat Integrity Check Failed” Error

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The Finals Open Beta is well underway and fans are having some trouble playing, due to various errors. This article will deal with the “An Internal Anti-Cheat Integrity Check Failed” error message in The Finals so read on to see how to fix it.

Open Beta for The Finals is soon to be over, and, as expected, players have encountered a number of errors. Most of these are due to the servers being under stress and overloaded. The developers are working on these as best as they can, but new errors and bugs occasionally pop up. Some players have received the “An Internal Anti-Cheat Integrity Check Failed” error message and are a little lost with what to do. Worry not Contestant, we have gathered some solutions for you.

How To Fix Error “An Internal Anti-Cheat Integrity Check Failed”

While there is no official confirmation of what causes this error, some players managed to bypass this issue with the following solutions:

  • Disable third-party Crosshair software: The Finals’ anti-cheat may register Crosshair software on Steam as cheating, so if you are using one, try disabling it.
  • Verify Game Files: Game files may become corrupted which causes error messages to appear, so some players suggest verifying the integrity of game files on your PC. To do so, from Steam Library or the game launcher, right-click on the game and select Properties. Find the Local Files tab and there you will see the Verify Game Files button. 
  • Repair Easy Anti-Cheat: Sometimes what was supposed to bring back order to the galaxy becomes corrupted. The Finals uses Easy Anti-Cheat and some of its files may have turned to the dark side. To fix this, the method is similar to the example above: find and open Easy Anti-Cheat in the game folder or launcher, click on Repair Service or Repair Easy Anti-Cheat, and that should do it.
  • Update Drivers: a more general approach, outdated drivers may cause various issues, so better to check if your system drivers and graphics card drivers are up to date.
  • Contact Support Team: the last resort for most issues, if none of the above solutions worked, then you should contact the official Technical Support and Help Center.
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Why Does Anti-Cheat Integrity Failed Message Appear

While there is no definitive answer to why the “Internal Anti-Cheat Integrity Check Failed” message appears in The Finals, it is safe to assume that it’s either the game’s anti-cheat software going bonkers or outdated or corrupted files causing trouble.

We sincerely hope that these solutions helped you fix the “Internal Anti-Cheat Integrity Check Failed” error in The Finals. For more The Finals articles made by the awesome people on our team, check out Can You Play The Finals on Xbox, How to Fix “Failed to Join Party” Error, and How to Get The Finals Twitch Rewards.


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